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Terra Singletary Verified TTC Kit Customer

Valdosta, Georgia

Review left on May 23, 2021


Me and my fiancee been trying to conceived for 6 months now no luck, I received received my conceived kit yesterday. So we are praying they work ill keep you posted!!!!

Marie Verified TTC Kit Customer

Asheville , North Carolina

Review left on May 09, 2021

PRAYING for a miracle

This stuff works pretty well, I am praying for a miracle soon, I pray this works baby dust to all thank you ttc kit for your time and efforts???

Teresa Fritts Verified TTC Kit Customer

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Review left on May 05, 2021


First let me start by saying that I have been trying to conceive for 9 years and I will be 34 tomorrow May 6.  I finally just gave up on trying and just going with the if it happens it happens route. I ordered these pills back in December 2020 on a whim but once I received them I never took them. Fast forward to March and I’m like forget it I got them let me just try them out. I took the entire first month and 10 pills from the second month and yesterday, 3 days before my period is due, I found out that I am pregnant!! My mind is seriously blown. So blown that I had to come write a review! I pray that this baby sticks and but just seeing those two lines after soooooo many years I just can’t believe it! I felt no symptoms with these pills and my skin has looked great since taking them! My only regret is not taking them sooner! I have no doubt that I would use these pills again. I’m so serious!!

Shakima Verified TTC Kit Customer

Anchorage, Alaska

Review left on Mar 28, 2021


I just received my TTC Kit today ? fingers crossed been trying for two and a half years. Will update in near future

Ariel Verified TTC Kit Customer

Oak Grove, Kentucky

Review left on Mar 09, 2021

Very promising

So I started taking these 2 months ago. I was on the depo shot and my last shot was in July of 2020 and I haven't had a period since. Right after I started my second bottle, I started my period on March 6th!!! Me and my husband are hoping that this is our chance to get pregnant after this period! I will update if I get pregnant!

Abigail Verified TTC Kit Customer

Fond du lac , Wisconsin

Review left on Feb 20, 2021

I Love conceive easy!

We successfully concieved with our daughter in February 2018! We were trying for 2 years prior to finding concieve easy I was so surprised and excited when we got the positive pregnancy test! My daughter is now a healthy and happy 15 month old! Thanks so much concieve easy I'm so proud to be a mama?

Sylvia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Bronx, New York

Review left on Feb 07, 2021


Have you get do you keep taking it or do you stop when you find out you pregnant?????

Jessica B Verified TTC Kit Customer

Queens Village, New York

Review left on Feb 02, 2021

I’m still in shock

I love this product! I have 2 children and my partner and I decided to have another kid. We started TTC from May 2020. Months pasted by with no success. I tried everything reading more online, started using OPK’s using many apps etc. I had my annual and my Dr advice I take prenatal before I conceive. Everything was normal but I still kept getting negative pregnancy test. I decided I needed a little help. I tried fertile mama blend tea for a month, conceive plus for 3 months or when I remembered. Then I came across this amazing product and the free trial kit has everything you need in it. I read the reviews and saw most review similar to previous products I bought saying they conceived the first month. I was very doubtful but I went with my gut and ordered a free trial kit. The kit was suppose to arrive the second week of Dec 2020 and it was delay due to COVID precautions and shipping delays. I received my package Dec 28, 2020. I started taking it rite of way because it was 4 days after my period and my ovulation window was close. My next period was due 01/16/21 if it came on time. I missed my period and took a test turns out negative. I wasn’t worried I was just discouraged. I had pregnancy symptoms but assume it was my period coming just not on time. On 01/29/21 I got a big fat positive. I had 3 pregnancy test left with the kit and all says positive. Thank you soooo much conceiveeasy. I didn’t even finish my first bottle and now baby due September 2021

Ashlee pena Verified TTC Kit Customer

austin , Texas

Review left on Jan 17, 2021

just received my kit

just got my kit today and excited to see if it works I'll let yall know what I think soon

Alacyia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Kankakee , Illinois

Review left on Dec 22, 2020

Month 1

Just got done w first bottle. Have checked for ovulation on test(that’s provided) have 2 lines but ones always fainted then the other and I wanted to know if I was ovulating for real or no. But overall I’m still going to be trying.Tomorrow I’ll be on month 2 bottle.