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Kimmy P Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lewisville, Texas

Review left on Mar 10, 2019


We're expecting twins!!????

Canisha Verified TTC Kit Customer

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Review left on Mar 08, 2019

Skeptical? Works!

I read all the reviews of people saying they got pregnant using this Kit and I was skeptical. But the 2nd month we used this (after trying for almost 2 years), I got pregnant. We've already said if or when we try for another baby, we'd buy this kit again. I would recommend getting 20 ovulation predictor kits (what we did) so you're aware when you ovulate for the best chance.

Sally Verified TTC Kit Customer

Memphis, Tennessee

Review left on Mar 07, 2019

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When you're ttc, you will search out pretty much any product that offers to help the process along. But reading some of these reviews, I think maybe people expect this to be a miracle, cure-all, so to speak. So I will say, I had been taking it for about 4 months, unsure whether to continue. My cycle was more regular, and I saw more CM but I was about to give up.... And then.... a positive HPT ++++++ So stick with it!

Crystal H Verified TTC Kit Customer

Portland, Oregon

Review left on Mar 07, 2019


This kit worked perfectly. For the first three months that I tracked ovulation, I just got pale lines. I was a little disappointed, but didn't stop tracking and kept taking the pills faithfully. Three months after stopping birth control pills, finally I received two solid lines of LH surge. So the body needs time to ovulate and regulate hormone levels after stopping bc pills... and now i'm happy to say we just got our positive pregnancy test!!*!*!**!

annabanana Verified TTC Kit Customer

Reddick, Florida

Review left on Mar 03, 2019


I have PCOS so I've always stayed away from OPKs. My cycles are so irregular and they add up so quickly. When I found this kit I couldn't resist because they are so cheap and I got the 20 ovulation tests. I figured they would be worth a try. Boy am I glad that I did. My test showed two days of LH surge and today my bbt spiked so I was able to confirm ovulation. The pills are working and the tests are great. 👍

Coco Verified TTC Kit Customer

Stpaul, Minnesota

Review left on Mar 01, 2019

Just started 🎈

Ok Sooo I instantly Start taking the pills when I got them ! Because I just had got off my mentrustal cycle. Been tracking my ovulation test every day and finally today there was two lines., so Hopefully the Pregnancy tests also have two lines ? Not sure how fast and easy it is but if I’m pregnant next week ,I will be very surprised and happy ? and Satisfied with this product !

Bri Verified TTC Kit Customer

Anchorage, Alaska

Review left on Feb 28, 2019

This user received an incentive for writing a review


5 for the ovulation tests and the pills... still waiting to rate the pregnancy tests;).

Lara Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lakewood, Colorado

Review left on Feb 23, 2019


perfect ! u dont need to pay more at big stores. buy the pills, get all the tests u ever need for free.

JSB991 Verified TTC Kit Customer

Moorhead, Mississippi

Review left on Feb 22, 2019


I got this kit as I tried ttc for 9 months without success (I am currently 33 yrs old). My gyno wanted to put me on Clomid, but I said no. I want to do this all naturally. After 2 months of using the TTCkit opks and pills, I tested positive! I was estatic! I am now 8 weeks pregnant.

Maria Elena Verified TTC Kit Customer

Medford, New York

Review left on Feb 21, 2019

TTC Kit baby

I'm one who rarely writes reviews but always read reviews before buying. I was curious about the TTC Kit after having troubles ttc #2. Seeing so manye positive reviews I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Well with the help of their opks to help me track my O day I took the pills faithfully for 5 weeks straight. On 11dpo I got my very first faint line. I couldn't believe it, today I'm 6 weeks in.