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britany k Verified TTC Kit Customer

Edgar, Wisconsin

Review left on Jan 05, 2020


It worked right away omg!!! Due in August 2020!!

Isabel Metz Verified TTC Kit Customer

Warren, Ohio

Review left on Jan 04, 2020

My baby boy!

I bought this on March and arrived on 4/4/18. Took it for less than a month and found out I was pregnant on 5/2/18. As shocked as I was to see this work after many month of no luck I took several more tests and all came out positive. I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a handsome baby boy one year ago on Jan 6. His due date was Jan 14 but my water broke at night on Jan 5. He is the most happiest and healthiest baby boy ever! Just from my experience, I'm am so glad I tried this. Which these, I would probably still be trying or given up.

Ron Verified TTC Kit Customer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Review left on Jan 03, 2020

Due May 2020

Me and my wife have been trying for four years. Took a chance on this and in a month she was pregnant we are now at 21 weeks baby is doing well. Baby is due mid May 2020

Alanna Smith Verified TTC Kit Customer

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Review left on Dec 30, 2019

balances hormones

This product balances hormones along a change of lifestyle and healthy diet

Sandra A Verified TTC Kit Customer

Buffalo, Iowa

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

PCOS and pregnant

I purchased this product back in November, took it for about 2 weeks and got my first positive pregnancy!! I was super excited because I have PCOS and was having a hard time getting pregnant.

tessa Verified TTC Kit Customer

Pelion, South Carolina

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

Just startin

I just start taking these, so I don't know if it's working or not .. But I'll give y'all a update...

Alice Duenas Verified TTC Kit Customer

Kerman, California

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

Been taking these pills for 6 days now and I’ve had positive ovulation tests ... I have pcos I’ve had for almost 3 Years I do Have 2 children 13 and 8 and I had a Miscarriage in July of this year I was about 3 moths we’ve been trying since September I hope this works .. and positive stories taking this?? Look me up on Facebook so we can share our stories

holliday Verified TTC Kit Customer

Alice, Texas

Review left on Dec 28, 2019

4 years trying

I love this after 4 years of just trying to ovulate I did for 3 days straight hopfully we will conceive this month

Tashia Moss Verified TTC Kit Customer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Review left on Dec 27, 2019


I have tried doctors after doctors and prescriptions after prescriptions only to find this and I've only been taking it two weeks so far and already having a period, that was nonexistent with PCOS

Sharita Mejia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Review left on Dec 26, 2019

More mucus

I saw an incredible increase of cervical mucus in the first couple of days