Your C-Section: A 5-Step Recovery Guide

Your C-Section: A 5-Step Recovery Guide

What To Know

C-sections can be rough. Although the end result (getting your baby here in one happy, healthy piece!), is definitely worth it, a c-section can be tough to recover from, and it might be awhile before you feel completely like yourself again. But, don’t worry mama! We are going to share with you today, five important steps for making sure that your recovery from a c-section goes as smooth as possible! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Step One (Right After Surgery)

Right after your baby is born, you will be a little (sometimes a lot) groggy. You will be moved to a post-op recovery room for the rest of your hospital stay. You might feel very nauseous very sleepy, or very shaky/nervous. All of these feelings are completely normal and will vary depending on what kind of anesthesia you had. Be prepared to feel “out of it” for a little while after your surgery.

Step Two (Day One Recovery)

A few hours after your surgery, your anesthesia will begin to wear off, and you will start to “come to” a little bit, and feel less groggy. You might also feel extremely sore and be in a lot of pain.

Your doctors and nurses will help you to come up with the best way to manage your pain. Be ready for your nurses to press hard on your belly, to help your uterus go back to it’s right shape and size. For many women, this is the most painful part!

Your doctors and nurses will monitor your incision and other things closely for the first day at least, so be prepared for LOTS of invasive pokes and prods around your body! You will also be encouraged to get up and walk around as soon as possible after surgery, usually around six hours after, so be prepared for that.

Step Three (Day Two Recovery)

By day two, you should have your catheter removed and should be able to move freely by now. You should definitely be up and moving as much as possible, although it will hurt. Make sure a nurse is there to help you each time you get up.

You might be more sore on day two than you were on day one. The more you move around, however, the faster you will heal. You will probably be able to start eating again, although your doctor might start you out on a liquid diet just to make sure things are progressing smoothly.

Continue taking your pain meds. This is not the time to be supermom. You should keep taking your pain meds so you can stay on top of your pain and so you won’t become miserable.

Step Four (Going Home)

Somewhere between day three and day five, you will be released to go home. Here’s the big advice: DON’T PUSH IT! You just had a baby, lady! Let someone take care of you! Believe us, there will be plenty of time to be supermom later on! Take it easy!

Let your loved ones help you out, and spend your time recovering and getting to know your new bundle of joy! You will probably feel pretty crappy at first, but keep in mind, each day gets a little better and a little easier.

Step Five (Six To Eight Weeks Postpartum)

You’ve made it mama! Now it will be time for your postpartum checkup! You are probably feeling much better by now, although there might be some pulling, burning, numbness, or tingling where your nerves are growing back together.

Visit your doctor, and learn all about resuming sexual relations (don’t forget the birth control!), and everyone’s favorite, exercise! Each day, you will get to feeling a bit better and better, until you don’t even remember the pain from that tiny incision! The trade off is well worth it, anyway!

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