Your 6-week Postpartum Check-Up

Want to know what to expect at your 6-week post-partum check-up? If you’re like me, you are totally overseeing the doctor by the end of your pregnancy. A lot of women are going once a week. By the time I reached full term, I was actually going twice a week because I had low fluid levels. And my doctor was a 20-minute drive, so I was really glad when delivery happens that I knew that I wouldn’t have to go back to the doctor all the time. But you’re not quite done after you have a baby. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

There’s usually a 6-week postpartum check up. And if you have a C section, the doctor’s also going to want to see you one week after delivery to make sure that your incisions are starting to heal correctly.

So here’s what you’re going to expect in the 6-week postpartum check up:

Let’s get physical

First and foremost, you are going to get a physical exam, so be prepared. The doctor’s going to make sure you’re healing properly if you’ve had any stitches, want to make sure that those were healing correctly, want to make sure that your uterus is shrinking back down to getting close to its pre-pregnancy size. So you will have an internal exam so, expect that.

Battling baby blues?

Your doctor’s also going to ask you how you’re feeling emotionally. Now, keep in mind, a doctor talks to women all day everyday, this is just another day of work for him or her. So they’re going to take you at face value. Please don’t lie.

If you aren’t doing that great, if you feel like you might need some additional help, if you feel like you might be battling baby blues or something more severe, please, tell your doctor. And if you suspect that that’s the case far before your 6-week check up, schedule an appointment to go talk to your doctor even sooner than that.

Birth control anyone?

Your doctor is also going to want to talk with you about birth control options. So it’s really important that you’ve done your homework, and that you’re prepared. Perhaps the method that you’re using prior to conceiving the child that you just had is not one that you want to do anymore.

There might be something new on the market since the last time you did your homework. You may have some questions. So be sure that you’ve taken a little bit of time to review what your options might be – everything from something very permanent to something that’s very easy to deal with.

It could also be the case if you want to do something like a hormonal IUD; the doc could possibly insert it during your physical exam at your 6-week check up. So that’s why you want to be prepared.

Questions about your birth?

It’s also a great time to ask your doctor any lingering questions you might be having about what happened during your labor and during your delivery. If there are details that you’re a little fuzzy on or if a part of a reflection you’re not really sure why it happened exactly the way it did, this is the time to ask this question of your doctor.

Maybe there were some choices that your doctors made or some suggestions that your doctor made that in your post pregnancy, you know after that haze is lifted you’re like, “I don’t get it, I don’t understand, that wasn’t in my birth plan. Why did we have to do it that way?”

Don’t let those questions just remain unanswered. Be sure to ask your doctor. They expect that at the check up.

Those are the basics of what you can expect. Thanks so much! See you next time!

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Tiffany Merritt
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