Yoga Poses to Increase Fertility

Yoga Poses to Increase Fertility

Did you know that yoga can be a natural treatment to increase fertility? Yoga is of course known to reduce stress, help you relax, and align your mind, body, and spirit, but it has other fertility benefits as well! While stress relief and relaxation are important to help you conceive, yoga has also shown to increase blood flow and better align your pelvis, and help relieve muscle tension. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

For women who are trying to get pregnant, it can be helpful to have something to do like yoga or acupuncture, since it gives women something to do, to feel like they are being proactive about the conception process. A lot of times, women who are suffering from infertility feel hopeless and helpless, and doing something like yoga can take their mind off of their issues and make them feel like they are doing something to help themselves. Everyone feels better when they are taking control of their health and their future.

Yoga poses for hormonal imbalance

There are a ton of yoga poses that you can do to help increase fertility. If you want to focus on your hormonal balances, you can do that with a few poses like supported bridge poses, supported headstands and supported shoulder stands. There are also a few restorative poses you can do to help your body and some others that help to stretch and lengthen the abdominal area. Here are a few of the best poses for fertility.

Yoga poses for opening your pelvis

The reclining bound angle pose is a reclining pose that opens the pelvis, and softens your abdominal organs. The double pigeon pose is a sitting pose that can help to relax your hips and abs. The seated angled pose can also help to increase circulation to the pelvic region. The legs up the wall pose is a laying down pose that will help relax and open the pelvis.

Yoga classes for pregnant women

There are many classes available for yoga for pregnant women as well as women that are trying to get pregnant. Your doctor or health care provider can give you tips and perhaps recommend a class for you to try! Yoga can be a great tool for dealing with infertility, especially dealing with the mental and emotional aspects that can be hard to deal with. You can also get a ton of emotional support from being in a group setting during a yoga class that can help you feel like you are not alone!

Yoga can help a lot, you don’t even have to stop it as soon as you get pregnant. All you need to do is switch to prenatal yoga and you’re good to go.

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