Will it Harm Baby Getting Pregnant While on the Pill?

Will it Harm my Baby if I get Pregnant While on the Pill?

Birth control pills are actually very reliable pills because they are very efficient. Their efficiency ranges from 92% to an amazing 99.7%. Thus, you can depend on these pills to avoid pregnancy to a large extent. However, these pills are not completely 100% efficient. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

This means that there are still very slight chances of pregnancy. They may be slight but there is no denying that they are chances nevertheless. These chances are substantial only during the initial months of taking the pills. Also, if you miss the pills for at least two days in continuity, you might get pregnant. Again, you just might.

No proof

However that is not the major concern for many. The major concern for many is whether the baby will be safe or whether getting pregnant while taking the pill can harm the baby. This is a very good question but sadly until now, there is no proof or conclusive evidence that can be relied upon in this matter. There is also no proof about pills harming the baby if you started taking them after getting pregnant, without of course knowing that you are pregnant in the first place.

Do not take the risk

However, if you feel you are pregnant and you see signs of pregnancy, then you should stop using the birth control pills immediately and rush to your health care professional. Again, there is no explanation about the exposure of levels of estrogen produced by the pill harming the baby but you should not take the risk. You should stop taking the pills at once. Until you are sure that you are indeed pregnant or you are not pregnant after all, there are other contraceptives that you can use such as condoms. Unless you are absolutely sure, it is ideal to be safe.

Missed period may not mean pregnancy

Also keep in mind that missing a period is not a sure shot sign of pregnancy. Especially if you miss a period soon after starting to take the birth control pills, there is no need to worry. However, it would be safe to check with your doctor just in case. Also, if you miss two periods in a row, you should meet with your doctor without fail and immediately too so that pregnancy can be determined and the necessary steps may be taken at once.

Nothing to worry

The bottom-line of all this is that you don’t really have to worry if you conceive while taking pills. There have been numerous instances when babies that were conceived in a similar manner have been born perfectly normal. As aforementioned, there is no evidence that the unborn child will be harmed because of the pills. In fact, studies have not been able to unearth any side effects at all.

Thus, there is no need for you to panic at all. If you are pregnant or if you suspect pregnancy, simply visit the doctor. Of course, stop taking the pills and let the doctor help you out. Don’t worry about any harm because the chances of harming the baby are very slim, if any.

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