Will Evening Primrose Oil Help Me Conceive?

Will Evening Primrose Oil Help Me Conceive?

The supplement known as evening primrose oil or oenothera is a plant based oil that is believed to help in aiding fertility in women. Evening primrose oil has been linked to a number of different benefits to the body such as a treatment for skin conditions (eczema, acne, rosacea), relieving the discomfort of PMS and helping to ease joint pain/swelling for rheumatoid arthritis. However, evening primrose has also has a long history of being used as a way of helping to conceive as well. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How can evening primrose oil help me to conceive?

Evening primrose oil contains a rich supply of gamma linolenic acid and vitamin E. For women who are unable to create the right amount of fatty acid in their bodies, gamma linolenic acid can help to boost their fertility as it aids in obtaining the right level and consistency of cervical mucus needed to allow sperm to easily travel through the reproductive canal and to the uterus.

Cervical mucus is the lubricant that eases sperm travel through the reproductive passage, allowing a smooth, unobstructive flow from the vagina into the uterus where the sperm can then fertilize the egg and allow a fetus to then begin to develop. When cervical mucus is of the right consistency and amount in the reproductive canal it also allows the sperm to stay alive for longer periods of time, making the likelihood of it reaching its destination much greater.

Do some women need evening primrose oil more the others?

Every woman’s body is different and creates a different level of cervical mucus in the reproductive canal. Some women have cervical mucus that is brown, thick or dry that makes a less hospitable environment for the sperm to inhabit and lowering the chances of fertilization.

Because the evening primrose oil helps to create more cervical mucus (that is of a more watery, clear consistency) the use of it can ensure just the right lubrication to help the sperm along in its journey to the egg. A woman who has the right amount and consistency of cervical mucus will have mucus that is similar to egg whites; it should be clear with a consistency that is thicker than water, but not so thick as to clump together.

How much evening primrose oil should I take and when?

It is best to take evening primrose oil to conceive from the point right after a menstruation cycle up to the ovulation period. You should stop taking it after ovulation until your period has arrived again as the oil can initiate uterine contractions if you conceive which is not advisable. As for the amount of evening primrose oil, the recommended amount is anywhere between 1500mg and 2500mg every day to help improve cervical mucus production.

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Dr. Renee Hanton, MD
Dr. Renee Hanton, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Renee Hanton is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Dr. Hanton specializes in the endocrine causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)