Why You Should Breastfeed: Top 6 Reasons


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We all know that breastfeeding is best, but just why is that? What does breast milk do for a baby that formula doesn’t? What makes it so special? The truth is, breast milk has so many benefits, we could never consolidate them all to fit into this article, but we’re gonna try! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It’s cheaper

There you have it, plain and simple. A formula can cost upwards of $20 per can, and those cans don’t last long! Breast milk, on the other hand, is free!

Plus, it’s never sold out at the grocery stores, and you don’t have to run out to the store in your pj’s at 3 am because you forgot to pick some up!

It builds immunity

Breastfeeding increases your baby’s immune levels, making your baby less susceptible to diseases or illnesses. The substance known as secretory immunoglobin is what increases your baby’s immunity, and it is found in large amounts in colostrum, which is your very first breast milk. The substance coats baby’s throat, intestines and nose, and helps to keep germs out. Babies who are breastfed have fewer colds, ear infections, and viruses than formula fed babies.

It prevents allergies

Studies show that babies who are fed soy milk or cow’s milk are more likely to develop allergies than babies who are breastfed.

It’s that secretory immunoglobin at work again, this time preventing allergies by providing a layer of protection to a baby’s intestinal tract. Babies who drink formula don’t get this extra level of protection and are more likely to develop allergies.

It makes babies smarter

Seriously. There are tons of studies that show a connection between breastfeeding and a baby’s cognitive development. One study in particular, of 4000 children, showed that at age 5, children who were breastfed scored significantly higher on a vocabulary test than children that were formula fed.

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Plus, the longer the children were breastfed, the higher their scores.

It reduces the risk of SIDS

Doctors aren’t sure why, but they say there is a definite decrease in the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when a baby has been breastfed. In fact, the risk of SIDS was decreased even if the mother only breastfed partially. For babies who were exclusively breastfed until one month of age, their risk of SIDS was cut in half.

It helps Mom lose weight

No need to say more! Breastfeeding can help mom knock off those pesky pregnancy pounds! Since both mom and baby are using up mom’s calories while breastfeeding, mom can lose weight quicker! Sounds like a great plan to us!

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