Why Are Infertility Rates on the Rise?

Why Are Infertility Rates on the Rise?

On The Rise

It’s something that at first glance, just doesn’t make much sense. Why in the world, in this day and age full of technology and medical advancements, are infertility rates on the rise? You would think that with all of the fertility treatment options and other advances in medicine that are available today, infertility would be somewhat of a thing of the past.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, that is just not the case. According to stats from just a few years ago, somewhere around one in ten couples had problems conceiving, even after trying for a year or more. But now, that number is somewhere around one in six. That is an alarming increase! So, what gives?


Age is an important factor in the increasing fertility rates. More and more often, women are waiting to have babies until age 30, 35 and beyond. Gone are the days when women would get married and pregnant straight out of high school.

More women are wanting to go to college, have a stable career, find a partner, and then get pregnant. With that, comes more trouble getting pregnant. After age 30, each cycle that a woman has, her chances of getting pregnant are even less.


Plain and simple, we are fatter. Obesity can make conception harder, and infertility much more likely. Getting pregnant while obese is a leading cause of infertility. This is true for both men and women. With more than sixty percent of the US population now overweight or obese, it is clear to see that our weight is making it harder for us to have kids. Not a good thing.


Sometimes, infertility can be based on something as simple as time. With the busy schedules that all of us keep, having time to TRY to get pregnant can be extremely difficult. Fertility doctors and other experts say that they regularly see patients who are only able to have sex once or twice per month.

When those “free days” don’t line up with ovulation, you can pretty much count on having trouble getting pregnant. Things with most of us are just too busy and too hectic!

Lifestyle Factors

Another reason for increasing infertility? Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, and illegal drugs are one of the leading causes of infertility. More and more people are engaging in that sort of behavior, and that is very dangerous. Making bad lifestyle choices can be a huge factor in infertility.

Environmental Factors

Another really big, but little known factor in infertility? Environmental factors. Environmental factors are often thought of as things like pollution, etc., but they can be so much more. Some experts believe that pharmaceuticals and household products can cause infertility.

EDC’s, or endocrine disrupting chemicals, as they are also known, are one of the main factors. One of the most common types of EDC’s is BPA, found commonly in household plastic goods. Doctors think that things like BPA can cause infertility problems years after they are used.

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