Where Do the Hollywood Elite Get Their Sperm?

Where Do the Hollywood Elite Get Their Sperm?

Does this make sense?

Is it just us, or does Hollywood’s version of infertility look a lot different than our personal versions of infertility? We’re just saying. These Hollywood gals never have trouble getting pregnant, and their infertility stories always end with a happy ending! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Look at Halle Berry, pregnant at 46, and is anybody saying IVF? Egg Donor? Anything? NOPE! It all looks perfect from where we’re sitting, but is that really the case? It can’t be!

What’s the real deal?

We would love to know just how many of these “pregnant over 40” celeb moms are using IVF! I mean really, is there something in the Hollywood water that keeps their eggs fresher longer than the rest of us? I don’t think so! So, are they using IVF?

What about donor eggs? What about donor sperm? Sperm washing? And if they are using these things, why, oh why, are they keeping it a secret from us? We know that they are human! It’s just not really likely that ALL of these mamas are getting pregnant naturally with no problems!

Their struggles are NOT our struggles

The fact of the matter is simple. Celebs and their fertility struggles are not anywhere near the same as us regular folk and our fertility struggles. I mean, with their money, no option, no matter how experimental or how expensive is off limits! Look at Sophia Vergara!

The beautiful star recently announced that she is planning to use a surrogate to carry a baby for her! Oh no! What could possibly be the problem? Oh wait… she just doesn’t want to lose her awesome figure! Seriously. As you can see, their struggles are not our struggles!

The effects

Honestly, the whole “over 40 and pregnant naturally” Hollywood spiel is NOT harmless after all. It’s sending a bad message to women everywhere, saying not to worry about your fertility. You will be able to wait till 40 or later, get pregnant easily, have a healthy baby and live happily ever after.

That’s all wrong! Women should at least be informed about the chances of fertility issues when you are getting pregnant later in life, and it is astonishing to me that more doctors and OBGYN’s are not worried about this bad message that we are sending. Ladies, don’t get your fertility info from Hollywood, just remember that!

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Alyssia Granger
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