Where Can I Get Free Fertility Pills?

Where Can I Get Free Fertility Pills?

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Are Fertility Pills Right For You?

When it comes to trying to conceive, many women feel that they need to turn to fertility pills in order to make it happen. Traditional fertility medications usually require a doctor’s prescription, as well as doctor’s visits, testing, follow ups and more. This can all be a huge burden and can put a ton of stress on a woman who most likely already has a ton on her plate if she is trying to conceive. When you add to that the fact that most traditional prescription fertility drugs are not covered by insurance and are also very costly, you can see how getting started on fertility drugs can actually be a huge issue for many women.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The First Steps

If a woman is looking for a way to get started on fertility drugs, she should definitely keep in mind that it’s not something that can happen overnight. Women usually have to go through quite a few steps before being prescribed fertility pills and getting started with them.

First of all, women will probably and most likely need to see their regular general care doctor before being referred on to a fertility specialist. For women who are under age 35 and have no documented fertility related issues, doctors usually recommend that a couple try to conceive for one full year before they will allow a referral on to a fertility specialist.

           The recommendations are a little bit different for women who are over age 35.

Just because they are older doesn’t mean doctors will want to rush them right into a fertility doctor right away. Doctors usually recommend that women over the age of 35 try to conceive for a full six month time period before they are referred to a fertility specialist.

As you can see, a woman seeing her general practice doctor is definitely the first step in seeking fertility help. If the doctor agrees that the woman could benefit from seeing a fertility specialist, he or she will usually give her a referral to seek help. Women should also keep in mind that sometimes getting an appointment to see a fertility doctor can sometimes take quite a long time as well. These doctors usually have long waiting lists and sometimes it can take a few months to get in to see a fertility specialist.

Patience Is Key

Also, women should keep in mind that even if (or when) she visits a fertility specialist, that doesn’t automatically mean that she will start on fertility treatments or begin taking fertility pills right away. The majority of the time, doctors will recommend that women start on some lifestyle changes or natural fertility monitoring options in their day to day routines before they actually start on fertility medications.

          This is because sometimes, a woman just needs to change some things about her current lifestyle, or start better monitoring to find out when her fertile days are.

Lifestyle Changes

If a woman is trying to conceive and her doctor recommends that she try to make some healthy lifestyle changes in order to better her chances of trying to conceive, there are several things that she might be able to do to improve her overall health and give her fertility a jump start. First of all, one of the best things that a woman can do to improve her overall health is to lose weight if she is overweight.

healthy lifestyle and its positive effects to fertility

          Experts say that even if an overweight woman loses as few as five to ten pounds, it can be enough to ‘reset’ the body’s metabolism.

This will help a woman’s body to be more receptive to conceiving. Other things that are likely to help women who are having fertility troubles include simple things like quitting smoking, avoiding drug use and staying away from alcohol.

Diet is incredibly important when it comes to improving fertility as well, and it’s something a woman can do affordably and easily at home. Cutting out fast food, junk food, sugary snacks and overall unhealthy foods are a great idea when it comes to improving the daily diet.

There are several things that women can incorporate in their daily diet to improve their overall health and help to give their fertility a boost. If eating organic is an option, women might want to choose organic fruits and veggies. When it comes to dairy products, it’s a good option for women to choose full fat dairy products, since there have been studies that show that these are the best choices to boost fertility. Whole grains and lean proteins are also a very good idea when trying to conceive.

Fertility Monitoring

Another suggestion that doctors might have for their patients upon them seeking fertility advice and assistance is to make sure that the woman is doing accurate and reliable fertility monitoring. Fertility monitoring is the most important aspect of trying to conceive.

          Which not every woman knows when she’s just starting out, there are only a VERY few short days during a woman’s cycle where she can get pregnant.

Once ovulation occurs and the egg is released from the ovary, it travels down the fallopian tubes to wait to be fertilized.

how to track ovulation to boost pregnancy chances

However the thing that most women don’t know is that after about 24 hour, the egg begins to disintegrate and die. So, technically speaking, there is only around a 24 hour time frame where a woman can get pregnant. Luckily, sperm can live longer than the egg can live, for around 72 hours. That way, if a couple plans their intercourse accordingly, the sperm can technically be “ready and waiting” when the egg is released, thereby really increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Ways to Monitor Fertility

There are several different ways to monitor fertility out there. When first visiting a fertility doctor, the doctor is most likely going to ask if the patient has been tracking ovulation, and whether or not the patient has been getting positive ovulation test results.

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This is why it is a good idea to start tracking ovulation and fertile days before ever going to see a fertility specialist so that the doctor will automatically have something to refer to.

          And it might lessen your time to move to fertility pills or treatments.

First of all, a good way to track fertility for beginners is by using over the counter ovulation predictor kit tests or OPKs.

          OPKs work much like home pregnancy tests, in that you pee on the stick, and then wait for a double line to show positive.

The only difference is that they are testing for the surge of the LH hormone in the body. When the test strip on the test is the same color as the control strip on the test, this indicates that ovulation will most likely occur within 24 hours. Other ways to track fertility include charting basal body temperature, watching for the temperature spike to indicate that ovulation is about to occur, and also things like watching the changes in cervical mucus as well as the position of the uterus.

What Comes Next?

It’s very common that doctors suggest that women start to monitor their ovulation and make some practical healthy lifestyle changes to improve their fertility before being started on actual prescription fertility medication.  Doctors will usually want women to do some fertility monitoring for several months before starting fertility medications. This is to avoid unwarranted medicating for women who might not actually need it.

ways to pinpoint ovulation while trying to conceive

          However, there are a few ways that women can get to try fertility medications for free before actually having to pay for them or get started on prescription meds.

Read on for more about those options.

Prenatal Vitamins

Sometimes, women who are seeing a doctor for fertility issues might be able to get free samples of prenatal vitamins in order to boost her fertility. Some doctors prefer that women try prenatal vitamins to regulate hormones and body functions in order to help to boost fertility. Prenatal vitamins can actually help to bridge nutritional gaps that women might have in their daily life. Also, taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant can help women prevent birth defects such as neural tube defects and other problems.

If a woman is interested in taking prenatal vitamins before she gets pregnant but doesn’t want to pay for them, it is a good idea for her to talk with her doctor and see if she might be able to obtain some free samples of vitamins to try at home. However, if a doctor doesn’t have free samples of prenatal vitamins available, they are available over the counter and are very inexpensive.  A good insurance plan will also routinely cover the full cost of prenatal vitamins as well.

Fertility Blends aka ConceiveEasy

Another great option for women who want to try fertility pills for free before committing to purchasing them is to try a fertility blend like ConceiveEasy. ConceiveEasy is an all natural fertility blend of herbs and supplements that are all combined into one easy, simple to use tablet. This can be a really great option for women who want to try fertility drugs without having to get a prescription or without having to pay for a set of fertility medications that might not work for them. The great thing about fertility blends is that they are not actually medication and contain all natural ingredients, so most women really find them to be useful and helpful in boosting their fertility.

If women are interested in trying fertility blends like ConceiveEasy, it’s really super easy to obtain a free TTC Kit.

pills to help get pregnant fast

          At ConceiveEasy, women can try a 2 month sample of ConceiveEasy fertility supplements by only paying shipping charges.

This can be a great way for women to get their hands on fertility pills for free, and to find out whether or not they like the way fertility blends work in their bodies. (And you don’t need to wait the months of time before your doctor decides it’s time to try something!)

Another great aspect about ConceiveEasy fertility blends is that women receive an entire TTC Kit, with all the tools to help them track ovulation and test for pregnancy, like ovulation predictor kits, pregnancy tests, basal body thermometer and more. If women do end up enjoying the results of ConceiveEasy fertility blends, they can actually continue their journey and get more of the pills each and every month, as there are 12 different monthly blends to be taken consecutively for as long as it’s needed until a positive pregnancy test is achieved. This is really a great way to give fertility pills a try and have no obligation or no charge, and really find out if they are a good fit before committing to buying them.

Prescription Fertility Drugs

Sometimes, women might find that taking over the counter prenatal vitamins or fertility blends are not a good fit for them, and that they need to take something stronger or more productive to help them in their fertility journey. This is when women will need to seek help from their regular family doctor or else from a fertility specialist in order to move onto prescription fertility drugs.

          The good news is that in a lot of different cases, doctors might actually have free samples of different fertility drugs that patients can try before actually committing to a certain type of drug.

If you are seeing a fertility doctor or even your regular doctor for the first time, make sure to ask about samples of fertility drugs. Many times, pharmaceutical reps from drug companies offer free samples to doctors in order to give them to their patients to try them and see if they would like to take them on a regular basis. Even better news? Sometimes women can get free samples of fertility drugs from their doctors, and those free samples might be enough of the drug to get a woman’s fertility back on track and help her to get pregnant.

          How great would that be, to be able to use a free sample of a fertility drug and then get pregnant by just the free sample alone?

What Kinds Of Prescription Drugs Can You Get Samples Of?

When women are wondering what kinds of free samples of fertility drugs that they might be able to get, the truth is that there are actually quite a few different drugs out there that they might be able to get their hands on. However, it really depends on the specific doctor and the pharmaceutical reps that they have relationships with. Some doctors do not even accept free samples of any type of medication from these pharmaceutical reps, while other doctors develop close relationships with their reps and will usually have lots of different medications on hand to give out as samples to women.

Clomid 50mg

Clomid is probably the number one fertility drug that women will find in their doctor’s office as a free sample. Clomid is the most popular fertility drug out there, and it has been on the market for more than 40 years. It is usually very well received by most women and really does a great job of inducing ovulation in over 80 percent of the women who take Clomid.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that all the women who take Clomid will get pregnant, or even that all of the women who begin ovulating because of Clomid will get pregnant. However, that’s not Clomid’s job. Clomid’s job is only to induce ovulation and it is very, very good at doing just that. Clomid is usually very well received by women who take it for inducing ovulation, and the side effects are usually very mild – unless you consider possibly getting pregnant with twins a mild side effect! Definitely ask your doctor if he or she has any samples of Clomid for you to try if you are interested in free sample medications. After all, Clomid is only taken for 5 days during a single cycle, so technically, you may only need 5 free pills to achieve your dream pregnancy!

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