Should I Find Out the Sex of Baby?

Should I Find Out the Sex of Baby?

When it comes to parenting, there are many, many things that you probably won’t agree on with your spouse. For some couples, the first disagreement can come even before the baby arrives. When it comes to finding out the baby’s sex, some couples are in agreement, and some are divided. When one parent wants to know, and the other one doesn’t, it can be a real problem. Read on for some tips on what to do when you just don’t agree. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Wait Awhile

You don’t HAVE to find out the sex during the ultrasound, even if you think you might want to know later. Just ask your ultrasound tech to write down what he or she sees, and seal it up in an envelope. You can either take it home (although I wouldn’t recommend that – the suspense can be too much!), ask the tech to keep it in your file, or send the secret results home with a trusted friend or family member. This way, you don’t have to decide right away whether or not you want to know, and you can still find out later if that is something you decide to do.


A good option for dealing with this issue, if you plan to have more kids in the future, is to alternate. Find out what the sex is this time, but vow not to find out next time, or vice versa. You can also make a deal. If you find out the sex of your baby this time, like you want, say, you will let your husband choose the name (big stakes there, ladies!) Or something of that nature, you get the drift. Come to a compromise that will suit each of you just fine.

Can You Keep A Secret?

This option can be a doozy, folks! The partner who wants to know what the baby’s sex is can find out, and just keep it a secret from the other partner. I don’t know if I trust myself enough to keep a secret like this! It might be a good idea to set up rules for this option beforehand. Things could get tricky if one of you told your friends and family, and then they blabbed, or if someone started bringing home little pinks or blues…. An interesting option, but perhaps a little difficult to pull off “in real life”!


The truth of the matter is, keeping this kind of a secret can be REALLY hard, and sooner or later, one of you is likely to slip up and let the cat out of the bag! It’s probably best, in a situation like this, to either hash it out and agree, or make a compromise. It can be really difficult to keep something this important a secret for this long! Kudos to those of you who have been able to pull it off!

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