When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Most people agree that pregnancy tests are some of the greatest inventions ever, as they provide a quick answer to an extremely crucial question: are we going to be parents? Some are anxious to see the two pink lines, because they have been waiting for a positive result for a long time. Others may be scared, because a child was not what they have planned for now. For either case, a pregnancy test will determine quite accurately, until you get to see your doctor, whether you should start looking for a baby crib or not. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here!

Am I pregnant?

Did you miss your last period/periods?
Do you feel tired?
Are you experiencing nausea?
Are you experiencing soreness or enlargement of breasts?

If the answers to the questions above are yes, then you need to buy a home pregnancy test. For accuracy, you need to wait until you have missed a period, but sometimes it feels like it is going to take ages. If you cannot wait that long, then count 14 days from the moment you think you have conceived. The latest tests are more sensitive and they can provide an accurate answer without having to wait for so many days.

How do pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests can be performed using urine or blood samples. There are special markers that react to these fluids and can tell you if you are pregnant or not. However, with home tests, you can only use urine samples and you need to follow the instructions correctly to prevent false negatives or false positives. Of course, after taking the test at home, it is advisable that you check it with your gynecologist. He will perform more tests, such as obstetric ultrasonography or other laboratory tests, based on blood samples.

Home pregnancy tests – easy, cheap, & private

The mechanisms behind pregnancy tests are simple. They detect the presence of a hormone that appears inside the women’s body as soon as the newly formed embryo attaches to the uterus. Some people doubt the accuracy of the urine tests, but they need to know that these tests are around 97% accurate if all the instructions are followed correctly. More than that, they are popular because:

you can use them at home;
you get more privacy than going to the doctor;
the result is fast;
they are extremely easy to use.

Blood pregnancy tests

Blood pregnancy tests are even more efficient than urine tests. They can show the results earlier than the urine test, within 10 days since fertilization. They can also detect certain pregnancy related problems. On the other hand, they are quite expensive and need to be done in a clinic.

False positives / False negatives

Even if they are highly accurate, sometimes, the results of these tests can be false positive or false negative. A situation like this can occur:

if there are some chemical interferences due to medication;
due to an early miscarriage;
if the test is not used properly.

There are lots of pregnancy tests available, so, if you believe you might be pregnant, don’t hesitate to get one to find an answer fast.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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