When to Take a Break from Trying to Conceive?

When to Take a Break from Trying to Conceive?

When a couple decides they’re ready to get pregnant, they want to see results as soon as possible. Some couples who try are lucky to be able to conceive without any troubles. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Some couples find trying to conceive challenging that some of them even take years to get pregnant. There are some circumstances that may cause the pregnancy to be delayed. Here are the signs to check for you to know that it’s time to take a break and a few things that you can do to your partner to make the process a bit easier. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

If your health is suffering, take a break

Getting pregnant is not supposed to be stressful but it can make a couple feel exhausted after trying for quite some time and still no result. It can sometimes take the affection away from you and your partner. It is alright to go on a pause in trying to conceive when you think it is starting to cause more stress to both of you.

When you and your partner are too stressed that even your health is affected, pause and recharge. Have a break, do the things you love to do and do not talk about pregnancy at all. That’s the reason you want to be able to get pregnant in the first place. If one of you is ill, for whatever reason, take a step back from trying to conceive and allow your body to heal.

If it’s not working out, take a break

Whether you keep on trying to no avail or you tried, got pregnant but had a miscarriage, take a break. Infertility and miscarriage are both a painful experience that you have to deal with, don’t be too hard on yourselves.


If you think you are emotionally down, talk to your partner about taking a break from trying to conceive. Focus on each other instead and work on refueling your relationship. Enjoy each other’s company and remind each other of your love.

If it has become more of an obligation than a bond, take a break

When you think sex is becoming a routine or a task that you have to complete, if it seems like the excitement in romance is slowly fading, take a break. Trying to conceive may have consumed your minds already that you don’t see sex as fun anymore. It should not work that way. Immediately take a step back and work on your relationship first.

Have a romantic getaway together and do the things that you both love. Sometimes, the trying-to-conceive part makes you both pressured and depressed. Try to focus your attention on something else temporarily as you try to rekindle your romance.

There is nothing more disheartening than trying so hard for something, month after month, and to be greeted with what feels like a failure every month. It’s a blow, and it takes a toll on a relationship. If you think getting pregnant is slowly destroying your relationship. Don’t hesitate to take a break.

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