When Does the Fetus Become a Baby?

When Does the Fetus Become a Baby?

Pregnancy is an exciting time. It is described as a miraculous time by many people, and rightly so. Every stage in pregnancy is fascinating to many people. The most fascinating part is when the fetus actually becomes a baby. This especially fascinates pregnant women because they are experiencing it. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

They want to know when the little fetus will have distinguished but tiny hands and legs and when the fetus will start resembling a human being. There are many different explanations about this. Embryology has its own answers but if you go with political considerations, you will find different answers. There are also ethical considerations, which are again very different.

Anti-abortion rights vs. pro-abortion rights people

It is important to know when the fetus becomes a baby for many reasons. Reproductive debates are different and so are ethical debates. There are people who fight against abortion and there two different kinds of people here.

They are the anti-abortion rights people and the pro-abortion rights people. The debate of abortion is usually very heated and different people come up with different explanations about the growth of the baby from the fetus.

History of conception

It was in the nineteenth century that conception was discovered. Fertilization or the fusion of the sperm cell and egg cell gave rise to a number of different debates. There were many women doctors who stood firm on the belief that life started at conception itself.

They said that development of the fetus was very quick and that pregnant ladies could actually feel the movement of the fetus. This, they said, signified life. However, there were others who firmly opposed this and said that a fetus was inconsequential and could be removed with no problem or concern whatsoever.

Stages of conception

If you take science into consideration, you will have to believe that life starts at conception itself. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance along with other techniques have revealed a lot of information about prenatal development.

As soon as conception occurs, the zygote is formed. This develops and migrates down from the fallopian tube into the uterus. When it reaches the uterus, it is the morula. This takes about five days. Further development occurs, which forms the blastocyst. This stage continues until the twelfth day of conception.

On the twelfth day, the embryo is formed and this stage continues until the sixth week of pregnancy. Many scientists say that the embryo consists of all the organs and parts that a full-grown human being consists of. This is why it should be considered as a living organism. The embryo is then called the fetus until the stage of birth.

Political debate

However, this is scientific proof and people are more into politics and ethics. Each has one’s own thinking. The pro-choice people, for example, say that though the prenatal form is alive biologically, it can’t be regarded as another person.

They say that the fetus is not a person itself. It is actually a person in the making. They believe that the fetus becomes a baby at a certain stage of the development of the brain. They believe that the parent should decide whether the person growing inside her is living or not depending on their beliefs.

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