What Will You Wear in Labor?

What Will You Wear in Labor?

It might not seem like the most pressing question, but what are you going to wear during labor? Many moms don’t give a second thought to what they are going to be wearing when they deliver, but it is an important thing for some mamas. Read on for a brief overview of your options. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Hospital Gown

The majority of women will wear a hospital gown, provided by the hospital, with no bra. They are not really comfortable, you will probably be cold, and they are crunchy! Not to mention that everything you have will be hanging out for all to see, since hospital gowns do not promote modesty! However, they are there, provided for you, and it is what most women will opt to do. Just be warned, they are not very fashionable!

Pretty Gown

There are a ton of companies out there that make pretty, designer “push” gowns to wear for labor and delivery. These gowns are really cute, but expensive. Some women like them because they look great in pictures, and are a conversation piece at the hospital. You can choose one that suits your own individual style. However, keep in mind that these designer “push gowns” are often very expensive, and they could very well get ruined during labor, leaving you out that money.

Tee Shirt

Many women opt for comfort over everything during labor and delivery. For this reason, many women give birth in one of their favorite old tee shirts. Especially if you are a little bit self conscious during labor, a big tee shirt can make you feel more “covered.” Some hospitals won’t let you actually give birth in a tee shirt, but you can change into one shortly after birth for more comfort.

Swim Suit

It may sound crazy, but many women wear a swim suit (at least the top) or sports bra during labor. Especially if you are opting for a water birth, or just the use of a birthing tub, a swim top can keep you covered up top. Also, many women who are self conscious wear a skirt in the birth tub while they are preparing for a water birth, to allow for more modesty.

Nothing At All

There are some women who opt to be completely naked during labor and delivery. This is most common during a water birth or a home birth. Women who choose to wear nothing at all during labor are usually more concerned with being comfortable than how they look, and might feel hot, itchy or irritated by clothing during the birth process.

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