What to Pack for the Hospital

What to Pack for the Hospital

One of the most important parts of labor and delivery is the hospital bag. Every mom to be has one, and most spend a lot of time getting it ready and making sure that they pack just the right things. Read on for some tips on what to include in your hospital bag. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


It’s very important to make sure that you take all of your paperwork with you to the hospital. This includes insurance cards, your birth plan, your driver’s license, hospital forms, your baby’s baby book, and any other paperwork type products that you might want to take with you.

Warm socks or slippers

Hospital rooms are often cold and uncomfortable, so make sure to take along a few pairs of warm fuzzy socks, or a pair of slippers. These will also come in handy if you are going to be walking the halls before and after delivery. Make sure that you don’t care too much about these since you might end up throwing them away since hospital floors can be sort of funky.

Bras and nursing pads

Even if you are not planning on nursing, make sure you take nursing pads to help with leaking. Also, bring comfortable maternity bras that fit well and have no underwire. Your boobs will thank you later.

Lip Balm/Lotion

These will both be helpful during labor, since hospitals can be notoriously dry, and can make you very uncomfortable. Hard candy or mints can also help with this as well.

Phone Chargers

Don’t forget your cell phone charger, or you won’t be able to call anyone and announce your baby’s birth! Same goes for any other chargers if you are going to be bringing an iPod, laptop, or e-reader with you.

Something to keep you busy

You might think you will be super busy during your hospital stay, but the truth is that you might actually end up bored. Make sure to take something along with you to keep you entertained. A good book or magazine, your laptop or e-reader, even a knitting project might be helpful for passing the time.

Change or dollar bills

These will definitely be needed for the vending machines for late night snacks! Many hospitals also have paid parking garages, so you might need that change to get out of the parking lot!


Don’t forget the camera, batteries, charger and memory card to help capture all those memories!

Hair ties

Hair ties or a headband will come in extremely handy during labor. Don’t use a clip or comb-type hair tie, this might poke you in the hospital bed.

Clothes for you

Pack something cozy and comfy to go home in, like sweats and a tee. You might be able to wear your maternity clothes still when you leave the hospital. Don’t plan to wear your pre-baby clothes at home, or you might be disappointed.


Hospitals often have not so great pillows, so bring your own, and make sure it has a pillowcase that is different from the hospital’s so you don’t lose it!


You will definitely want a shower after labor, so make sure to bring deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and any other toiletries that you might need to make you feel your freshest!

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