What to Pack for Labor and Birth

What to Pack for Labor and Birth

Almost Time!

Packing a labor and delivery bag is a big deal for a mom to be! It signals that the end of your pregnancy is almost here, and that it is almost time to meet your baby! It is also a very important item to take care of before your baby gets here.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It is important to have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your labor and delivery bag, just to make sure you don’t forget anything important. Read on for tips on what to include in your bag!

Cell Phone and Charger

A cell phone will be a very important thing to have during your labor, so you can call friends and family and let them know that you are in labor, or if you want to wait until afterwards and let them know that your bundle of joy has arrived! Make sure to bring your charger so you aren’t stranded when your phone goes dead, and make sure you have all important numbers either saved in your phone or written down.


The boring stuff! This includes preregistration papers, insurance cards, your check book or credit card, birth plan, medical records, and all that fun stuff.

Lip Balm

It might not seem important, but most new moms agree that one of the things they wanted most during labor was something for their dry, chapped lips!

Something To Do

Labor can take FOREVER, so make sure you bring along something to do. Whether it’s your iPad with lots of apps, your laptop, some great books or magazines, make sure that you have something to help you pass the time.


Many women find that music helps them to focus and concentrate during their labor. Make some great playlists on your iPod, and don’t forget to bring along your headphones!


If you get tired of your super sexy hospital gown, you might want something a bit more comfy to slip into after baby gets here. Bring along a comfy gown, robe, tee shirt, or a pair of pj’s that you love.


You might get some non slip socks from the hospital, but you might also want to bring along your favorites or some slippers. These can be really helpful if you are going to be walking around the hospital to help push your labor along.


Whether it be for the vending machines, parking, or something else, you will find that you can never have enough change while you are at the hospital!


Bring along some cheap, comfy cotton undies for after the baby is born. You will get some super cool mesh ones from the hospital, but you might be more comfy in your own. Make sure that you plan on whatever you take getting ruined, because it is likely to happen.

Something To Wear Home

Leave your pre-baby jeans and tops at home. Instead, opt for something comfy and a little bit loose to wear home from the hospital. Try some cozy sweats or maybe a summery dress with lots of room. Experts advise on packing something that would fit you at five months pregnant.


Bring along some things from home to help you freshen up. Hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, maybe some face powder and a nice headband. You don’t have to look like a model, but chances are you’ll want to clean up a little bit before all of your company arrives.

Baby Stuff

Finally, a chance to break out those new swaddling blankets! If your baby is going to take a pacifier, bring one along as well. Don’t forget a couple of choices of cute outfits for baby to wear home from the hospital too!

Nursing Pads

Simply because nobody looks good with breast milk leaking all over their shirt!

Baby Book

Write in it while all of your memories are fresh. Your nurses might also be able to put your baby’s hand and foot prints in the baby book for you!

Car Seat

Obvious, but we should mention it anyway. You can’t take that new bundle of joy home until you have a carseat ready and waiting.

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