What to Expect When You Are Expecting


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There is a lot more to pregnancy than just the birth of a baby forty weeks later. Of course, the baby is the end result and the whole point of getting pregnant but through the forty weeks, a lot goes on inside your body and that will alter your life significantly. You may experience anything from nausea to mood swings and swelling to constipation. You may even experience depression sometimes along with extreme fatigue. There are numerous things that you should brace yourself for when you discover that you are pregnant. Remember that every pregnant lady is different and what your friend went through may be completely different from what you will go through. Thus, you should keep in touch with your health care provider so that she guides you and helps you out through your pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Pregnancy timeframe

Pregnancy generally is for forty weeks, give or take one week. It can be divided into three trimesters. The first trimester begins on the date of conception and continues for twelve weeks. The second trimester begins when the thirteenth week starts and continues for thirteen weeks. Thus, the second trimester ends with the twenty-sixth week.

The final trimester starts when the twenty-seventh week begins and continues through the end. Remember that forty weeks is not the exact time frame. Every woman is different and your time frame may be more or less. It is up to your baby to decide when it is ready to meet you.

Body changes

Through the course of your pregnancy, you will experience numerous changes. Some of the common changes are body aches because of weight gain, water retention, and increase in discomfort with the growing baby. You will also be constipated.

You will feel extremely tired but you will have difficulty sleeping because of the discomfort. You will also likely feel nauseous in your first trimester.

Weight gain

Get ready for weight gain during your pregnancy. That is the biggest change that you should expect. By the end of your twelfth week, your baby will weigh no more than one ounce. She will be about 3 1/2 inches long. When you enter the fifth month of pregnancy your baby will weigh anywhere between half a pound and one pound.

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She will be ten inches long at this point. Your baby will weigh about five pounds in your eighth month and in your ninth month, she will weigh anywhere between six pounds and nine pounds. She will be about twenty inches long. In the last month, every week your baby will gain one and a half pounds.

Stages of development of your baby

Your baby is merely a cell in the beginning. However, with passing time, her heart will start beating. When you enter your second month, her eyelids, wrists, ankles, and toes are formed. The third month of pregnancy signifies the formation of soft nails. Fingernails, eyelashes, and eyebrows will be formed in the fourth month of pregnancy and she will be able to flex her legs and arms.

She can swallow from this time. She will also be able to hear sounds. As you near the end of the second trimester, you will feel her kicking because she will be more active. She can even open her eyes and suck on her thumb. By the time your due date arrives, your baby will be able to sense light and stretch. She can even hiccup.

What clothes to wear during pregnancy?

You should buy appropriate maternity clothes to give your baby enough room to grow. You and your baby should be comfortable in your clothes. Thus, you should buy loose clothes that are cozy. When it comes to footwear, you should choose shoes that will help you against back pain. Sleep to your side for more comfort and eat small meals instead of large ones.

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