What Steps Should I Take After Sex to Get Pregnant

What Steps Should I Take After Sex to Encourage Conception

Women who are trying to conceive have been known to do some pretty crazy things in order to increase their chances of getting pregnant. If you are trying to conceive, chances are that you already know that figuring out when you ovulate is of the utmost importance. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That is the number one thing that you can do to boost your ability to get pregnant. Aside from knowing when you ovulate, having sex during and just before ovulation is very important, since that is the only time you can get pregnant. But, what about after sex? Is there anything you can do after intercourse to improve your pregnancy chances? Check out some tips below!

Position it right

Your sexual position can really make a big difference in boosting your chances of conceiving. You want to make sure that you are having sex in a position that puts the sperm as close as possible to the egg. The two best positions for this are missionary position and all fours, also known as doggy style. These positions are optimal for getting pregnant. Avoid positions like woman-on-top, or standing positions, that would allow sperm to leak out after sex.

Prop it up

Many women swear by propping their hips up on a pillow for a few minutes after sex, in order to help the flow of gravity and help the sperm reach their destination easily. There is no scientific proof that this works, but you can give it a shot if you want to. Lie down on your back with your hips propped up on a pillow for 15-30 minutes after sex if you want to give this a shot.

Don’t pee

Most of us make a beeline for the potty right after sex, but even doctors recommend that women who are trying to conceive wait between 10 and 15 minutes after sex before using the restroom, in order to give sperm a head start.

Use a cup

Many women use Instead Softcups, which are normally used for periods, to “hold sperm in” right after sex. These cups can be inserted after sex and left there for a short amount of time to prevent sperm from leaking out. Some doctors actually recommend this method, but others urge against it, so make sure to ask your doctor before trying it.

Orgasm last

Many women also wait until after their partner orgasms for their turn. The premise is that if you wait to orgasm until after your partner does, the sperm is “sucked” up even further into the vagina. There is no scientific proof on this one, but if you want to try it, go ahead. You can use any or all of these tips after intercourse to increase your chances of getting pregnant! Good luck!

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Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD
Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Sahgal holds a B.S. degree from MIT in molecular biology and currently serves on the ConceiveEasy board of directors.