What NOT to Do if You Want to Get Pregnant

What NOT to Do if You Want to Get Pregnant

When you are trying to get pregnant, all you hear is do this, do this, no do that, do this, etc.. It seems like a neverending list of rules and guidelines to go by in order to get pregnant. Have you ever thought maybe it would be easier if there was just a list of what NOT to do? Well, that is what we were thinking, and we have comprised a list of what NOT to do if you want to get pregnant! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Do not use lubricants

This goes for all over the counter lubricants, even water-based lubes like Astroglide or KY Jelly. Studies show that almost all lubricants are harmful to sperm and can kill sperm. Of course, this is no way to get pregnant. This rule goes for all lubricants; even water based ones that were previously thought to be safe. If you want an alternative, try PreSeed, the fertility friendly lubricant, or even warm water.

Do not smoke

Of course, you knew this one was going to make the list, didn’t you? Smoking can seriously inhibit your ability to get pregnant, and if you do get pregnant, it can really hurt your unborn baby too. Of course, smoking isn’t the only bad habit you should steer clear of. Same goes for alcohol and illegal drugs too, of course.

Do not get lazy

Make sure to get enough exercise and don’t let yourself get overweight. Being overweight can make it hard to conceive. It can mess up your hormonal balance and get everything all out of whack. Being overweight can also help to aggravate symptoms of PCOS, which can lead to infertility. Also, make sure you are eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Do not just “guess” about your body

If you are going to have a baby, you are going to have to know what is going on in your body. Start charting your cycles and find out when you are ovulating. That way you can plan to have sex when you are ovulating for a better chance of getting pregnant. This is much better than just having sex whenever and hoping for the best. You have to be proactive if you are trying to conceive, and take control of your future.

Do not make it all about a baby

Don’t forget your partner in the rush to get pregnant. Trying to conceive can take all of the fun out of sex. Make sure that you are still connecting with your partner and that you are not getting too carried away. Sometimes stress and anxiety can be what is really holding you back. Keep it all in perspective, and try to keep your relationship with your partner close and connected.

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