What Kinds Of Ovulation Tests Are There?

What Kinds Of Ovulation Tests Are There?

Now that ovulation test kits are available to women everywhere, it is so much easier to be able to tell just when ovulation will occur. This makes it so much easier for a woman to track her ovulation, and to know when to have sex for the best chance of getting pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

But, there can sometimes be an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to which ovulation tests are best and which ones are easiest to use. Today we are going to explore the different kinds of ovulation tests that are on the market today to try to help women pick which one is best for them.

Urine Based Tests

Urine based tests are the oldest of the at home ovulation tests. These tests are easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. If you have ever taken an at home pregnancy test, you already have a clue as to what using an at home pregnancy test is like, you already know what it will be like to use an at home urine ovulation test as well.

The tests are actually very easy to use. Once urine is placed on the test strip, the test strip will turn a certain color. You have to compare the color of the test strip to the “control color” or “base color.”

Depending on how your test strip color measures up, you will be able to see if you have already ovulated for the month, or if ovulation is getting ready to occur. Usually the bolder or darker the color of the test strip, the closer you are to ovulation.

These tests detect the surge of LH, which happens right around 36 hours before ovulation occurs. These tests make it easy for women to know when to have sex with the best chance of getting pregnant. These mid-stream applicators look just like your standard at home pregnancy test that you place into your urine stream.

Urine based test strips

Urine based test strips are usually less expensive, but you do have to continue to purchase the test strips as needed. If you decide to test every day or more than once a day, that cost can really add up. These tend to be much smaller versions of the mid-stream applicator type of test, without the waste of the plastic applicator wand.

All you receive is the small testing strip, which may be difficult to place directly into your urine stream. You may be better advised to dip your test strip into a cup of urine for convenience. However, the cost differential will far outweigh any drawbacks, especially is you like to test twice daily.

Saliva Based Tests

A newer type of at home ovulation test is on the market now, and it is a saliva based test. The saliva based tests are a little different than the urine based test. The saliva based tests check for estrogen instead of LH.

Estrogen levels are known to rise right before ovulation, so when you use a saliva based test, you are checking for this rise in estrogen. Saliva based tests use a microscope to test for “ferning” of the saliva. This is because when there is estrogen present in the saliva, the saliva will make a fern shaped pattern when it dries.

If a woman sees the fern like patterns through the microscope after her saliva dries, it means that ovulation is about to occur. Saliva based tests are usually a little more expensive than urine based tests, but you do not have to keep buying test strips with these tests.

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