What is the Two Week Wait?

What is the Two Week Wait?

What exactly is the “two week wait” you might ask. Well my friends, the two week wait is that torturous time in between your ovulation and the point where you can take a pregnancy test to determine if you are indeed expecting. This two week wait can be torture for some women, and men included. The couples’ wait can be stressful. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Menstrual Cycle

There are three basic parts that make up the menstrual cycle, let us begin with those and how they work.

1- Menstrual Period: This is the five to ten day time span in which your uterus sheds a layer of tissue; causing bleeding and the disposure of the unfertilized egg.
2- Ovulation: With the average 28 day menstrual cycle this takes place roughly two weeks after the end of your period. During ovulation one of your ovaries releases an egg and it begins to travel through the fallopian tubes on its way to the uterus for fertilization.
3- Luteal Phase: This takes place directly after ovulation; this is the “two week wait” that we are discussing. During this phase the fertilized egg will become an “embryo” and attach itself to the inside of your uterus. If the egg attaches to the uterine wall then your cycle will stop and you will not have a menstrual period.

Making it to the missed menstrual period is the difficult part. Will your menstrual period start? Did you finally conceive? Should I eat something specific? Should I take prenatal vitamins? Should I make an appointment to see my doctor? The questions are endless, along with your nerves.


Take it easy! A few deep breaths when things seem to be “out of your control” and a nice relaxing shower might help you calm down. There is nothing you can really do to find out any sooner, you are stuck waiting, but make it worth the wait. Go for a leisurely walk and take in nature, allow yourself to be calm.

Be busy

Keep yourself entertained! Being “busy” is a good way to keep your mind off of it all together. Take a weekend away with some girlfriends, or a few date nights with your significant other. Keeping busy will make the time go faster, making your two week wait fly by!

Do not over analyze

Do not over analyze everything! You “think” you might have morning sickness; maybe it is just a small stomach bug. You “think” you are having a craving; maybe it is just in your head because you want to be pregnant. You “think” your breasts are sore; perhaps that is due to the oncoming menstrual cycle. If you analyze every single thing then your wait will seem even longer; or you could get your hopes up and then be extremely let down if you were to start your period. Be patient, the answer will come in time.

Extra sensitive pregnancy tests

While it is recommended that you wait the entire two weeks and even then you should be sure that your period is late before taking an at home pregnancy test, there are a few “sensitive” pregnancy tests that can determine up to five days before the missed period. In order to use these tests effectively you must be sure of the dates of your cycle. If your cycle is irregular this is a hard task to perform properly.

Speak with your doctor

Be sure to speak with your doctor if you are trying to conceive so that he or she may put you on prenatal vitamins to get your body ready for a new baby. This could help you conceive as well.

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