Apgar Score: 5 Things You Should Know

Did you know that within 5 minutes of your baby being born, he or she has to take 2 tests? And unfortunately there’s no prep-course that they can take while they’re in utero. There’s no coaching that mommy or daddy can do. Baby’s on their own for this one. And it’s called the Apgar test. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here!

What does the Apgar test for?

There’ll be a lot of nurses buzzing around the room, when it’s time for delivery and some of them will be there to assist with mommy and some are there to assist baby. They will be there, and those that are there for baby are there to help with this Apgar. They’re looking for 5 things:



Grimace-which is your reflex response.



What do the Apgar scores mean?

So, baby gets tested at 1 minute or basically as soon as they get their hands on baby. And they score between 0 and 2 in each category. So the baby can get up to a score of 10. 0 to 3 is critically low, 4-6 is fairly low, 7-9 is considered normal at one minute. And 10 is extremely unusual. Please don’t feel bad if your baby doesn’t get a 10.

It’s very weird because almost every baby is at least bluish in their extremities and that’s going to affect their appearance score even if everything else is off the chart. Your babies can be tested again at 5 minutes and what they’re looking for at 5 minutes is to score between 7 and 10. If your baby scores below a 7, they are going to determine that that’s the time that medical intervention is necessary.

Why is the Apgar taken twice?

Now, you may be thinking, “If my baby doesn’t have a pulse at 1 minute, are they going to wait until 5 minutes?” Of course not. If there’s something that is very obviously, critically wrong, right there at the beginning, they’re going to intervene straight away. But the Apgar test is taken twice, if everything’s fine, you may even know from them what the Apgar score is. But, that’s what’s going on.

Now you know part of what they’re doing with your baby in those first few minutes, and then why you aren’t holding him or her right away necessarily. I hope that helped!

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