What is Egg White Cervical Mucus?

What is Egg White Cervical Mucus?

If you are trying to conceive, you are most likely keeping track of when you ovulate. Words like basal body temperature, tilted uterus, and cervical mucus are probably well known in your vocabulary by now! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You probably know that you can track when you are ovulating by paying close attention to some physical signs that your body will give you. One of the things that you can track to figure out when you are ovulating is your cervical mucus.

You might have been told to watch for “egg white” cervical mucus to know when you are ovulating. But, what exactly does this mean?

The cervical mucus and the woman’s cycle

Cervical Mucus is your body’s natural vaginal discharge. You have cervical mucus all throughout your cycle, not just when you are ovulating. When you are ovulating, the cervical mucus changes to better protect the sperm on their journey to the egg.

After your period ends, you will probably have a few days with no cervical mucus. As you get closer and closer to ovulation, you will start to notice the amount of cervical mucus beginning to increase. It will be sticky in nature and white or cloudy.

The amount of cervical mucus will continue to increase all the way up until you are ovulating. By paying attention to not only the quantity of your cervical mucus, but also the color and consistency as well, you will be able to tell when you are ovulating. Knowing what to look for in your cervical mucus is a really good thing for all women who are trying to conceive.

Cervical mucus during ovulation

When you are ovulating, that is when you will notice the “egg white” cervical mucus that you have been hearing so much about. During ovulation, the amount of cervical mucus increases greatly and becomes almost semi-transparent or clear in nature.

It stops being so sticky, and becomes almost rubbery and stretchable in nature. It will also become very slippery and closely resemble the whites of an egg. This “egg white” cervical mucus is a telltale sign that you are ovulating and is a great way to chart your ovulation and follow your cycle without spending tons of time charting your basal body temperature or spending tons of money on ovulation predictor kits.

Once you learn what to look for, it is very easy to tell when you are ovulating from your cervical mucus alone. Just remember that once you are in the egg white cervical mucus stage, you are in your most fertile days!

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