What is Bloody Show?

What is Bloody Show?

Bloody show explained

There are many different “exciting” things that happen at the end of pregnancy, from water breaking to full on contractions, to the utmost exciting thing, meeting your baby! You may have heard of “bloody show” at the end of pregnancy, and it can definitely sound sort of scary. So, what exactly is bloody show, what does it mean, and what should you do if (when?) it happens to you? Read on to find out more. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What’s bloody show?

Bloody Show. Sounds dramatic, huh? It’s really not. Chances are, if you haven’t heard of bloody show, you probably have heard of the mucous plug. Yep, they’re the same thing. Bloody show is a term used to describe what happens when a woman loses the blood tinged mucous plug from the cervix.

The mucous plug forms to create a barrier during pregnancy to protect the baby from bacteria that might enter the cervix through the vagina. As labor draws near, a woman’s cervix begins to dilate and thin. This allows the mucous plug to pass through. Sometimes, there is a small bit of blood in the mucous when it is released, since the tiny blood vessels in the cervix rupture due to the dilation and thinning of the cervix. Really, it’s not a big deal!

What you should know

You should be aware that for some women, the mucous plug comes out all at once, usually during a trip to the bathroom. However, for other women, the mucous plug can come out gradually over a few days, a little bit at a time. Either way is normal, so don’t be alarmed if yours happens in a way that you don’t expect. As a matter of fact, some women never even notice that they lose their mucous plug! It seems that with this bit of pregnancy fun, there are many things that can be considered normal!

What’s normal, what’s not

One important thing to remember is that with the loss of the mucous plug, there can be a little bit of bloody show, it should NOT be a lot of blood. We’re talking spotting. If you experience any more than a few spots of blood, call your doctor immediately. If you experience heavy bleeding, or extreme cramping, it is very important to seek medical attention.

Lots of bleeding can be a sign of potentially dangerous pregnancy complications,such as placenta previa, so do not take it lightly. However most of the time losing the mucous plug, and blood show are completely normal and nothing at all to worry about. If you have questions about your mucous plug or your blood show, put a call in to your doctor’s office. If, however, you think that your bloody show is full of too much blood, go ahead and seek medical attention.

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