What is Baby Bunching? Celebs Who Are Doing It

What is Baby Bunching? Celebs Who Are Doing It

What’s baby bunching?

It’s the hottest trend in the world of babies, and chances are you know what it is, even if you don’t know the name. We’re talking about “baby bunching”, or better known as having two or more kids in very close succession. Some people define baby bunching as two kids in 18 months, and some define it as two in two years, and some just define it as having kids really close together. No matter what the definition is, we’re calling it brave! It’s also not easy, as it’s no slam dunk to be able to get pregnant quickly after birthClaim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The good

There are a ton of pros and cons to baby bunching, and everyone has an opinion on it. Some say it’s a great idea, getting those baby stages “out of the way” in short succession. Only buying certain toys, clothes, furniture one time instead of multiple times. Your kid having a built in playmate, and getting to enjoy watching your kids grow up together. Those are all some of those benefits to baby bunching.

The bad

What about the cons? Well, it’s going to be expensive in some aspects. You’ll be buying formula, bottles, diapers, and stuff like that in multiples, since it’s likely that both kids will be in diapers and drinking formula at the same time. Not to mention the big drawback: It’s got to be completely exhausting. It’s almost like having twins. Some parents also feel like they need to leave space in between kids in order to allow them to bond with each one individually.

The celebs

Love it or hate it, many celebs are jumping on the baby bunching bandwagon and deciding to have kids close together. Let’s take a look at some moms who are choosing to have babies in short succession!

Tori Spelling

Although her marriage to Dean McDermott might be up in the air right now after the rumors of his affair, Tori’s decision to have her kids back to back was one that she never doubted. Stella, Finn, Liam and Hattie were all born within five years of each other, and Tori announced she was pregnant with Finn only five months after Hattie was born!

Jessica Simpson

Just seven months after giving birth to adorable daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson announced that she was pregnant with baby #2. She has always been completely honest about her personal life, and had no qualms admitting that having her second baby (cutie pie son Ace!) so soon after her first was NOT in the plans!

Britney Spears

Although her boys are babies no more, Miss Britney was pregnant for 18 months during her 28 month marriage to Kevin Federline! Sean Preston was born in September 2005 and Jayden James was born almost exactly a year later! Seems like Mr. Federline is one fertile man! His girlfriend before Britney, Shar Jackson, had two sons 14 months apart. Not to mention the fact that his new wife, Victoria Prince, is now pregnant with their second child!

Heidi Klum and Seal

Although their marriage has since fizzled, Seal and Heidi wasted no time having babies. Once they married, Seal became adopted dad to Heidi’s son Leni. A year later, Heidi and Seal had their first son together, and a year after that, another baby was born! The couple waited three more years before adding their youngest to the brood.

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