What Happens at a Preconception Doctor Visit?

What Happens at a Preconception Doctor Visit?

If you are planning to conceive in the near future you may want to think about scheduling a preconception visit with your OBGYN. Taking care of yourself prior to conceiving is very important for you and your baby. Once the appointment is set you may start asking yourself: “What are they going to do to me? Should I be concerned?” The answer is not to be concerned but come prepared. Below is your “list” of what they will talk to you about and a short list of what some doctors do but not all. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Your medical history

Firstly, your doctor will do a full evaluation of your medical history. He/she will check to see if you have any pre-existing conditions. He/she will also advise of all things you should or should not do during this pre-conception time.

Reproductive History- this includes but is not limited to: prior pregnancies, miscarriages, STD’s, contraceptive use, and even pap smear results.

Medical and Surgical History- surgeries, hospitalizations, and any health issues you are currently having.

Emotional and Mental Health- have you ever been treated for emotional issues? Have you ever been treated for mental disease? Are you on any medications for these issues?

Medications you are currently taking. Some doctors ask for medications you have taken in the past 30 days.

Family History—as far back as you can recall about major diseases or illnesses. Or even twins (yikes!)

Your surrounding environment and habits- say farewell to that cat liter box, lead paint, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

Diet and caffeine- what you can and cannot eat, along with how much caffeine you should intake in a day.

Prescribe prenatal vitamins to get your body inhabited with all the good stuff baby needs.

Possible tests

Besides talking with you about your medical history, your doctor may also perform various test and request lab work to be done to check for possible pre-existing conditions as well.

Perform a physical exam to check: breasts, abdomen, thyroid, weight, heart, lungs, some doctors will perform a pap smear as well.

Send you to the lab for blood work to check for any STD’s, thyroid issues, or blood imbalances.

Check to see if your immunizations are up to date

Discuss how to follow your cycle and time your ovulation for quick pregnancy.

Discuss how much exercise is appropriate without over doing it.

The bottom line

Some doctors may do more than what is listed here, others may do less. If you know your OBGYN as well as I do, then he/she won’t have to ask as many of these questions. Depending on how long you have been seeing a particular doctor they may have already asked everything from a prior pregnancy, or in patient paperwork.

These visits are easy as long as you are prepared for the questions. Preconception visits are probably the most tense appointment for the next few months. Once pregnant it’s a whole new ballgame.

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