What Cities are the Most Fertile in US?

What Cities are the Most Fertile in US?

Does where you live have an effect on your fertility? Some experts think so. The Daily Beast recently went on a quest to find out just where the over four million babies that are born each year in the USA are actually located. The study that The Daily Beast did covered several different aspects of fertility to find the most fertile cities in the USA. Read on to find out more. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The study

The Daily Beast used recent census birth data to determine the cities where the most babies were born. However, they went a step farther when they also used information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take into consideration some of the most common factors affecting fertility. The factors they used were the percentage of women who had a Pap test recently (in the past three years), the percentage of residents that use alcohol and tobacco, and the general health of the city as a whole.

The results

The study listed the top 25 most fertile cities in the USA. Here are their top ten results:

Lewiston, Maine

Trenton, New Jersey

Fargo, North Dakota

Bismark, North Dakota

Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina

Minot, North Dakota

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kennewick, Washington

Provo, Utah

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The results

The rest of the results can be found at The Daily Beast. The findings were very interesting to look at. It seems like women in the western half of the USA are more fertile, or at least having the most children. Seven out of the top ten cities are in the western half of the USA, with three cities out of the top ten being in North Dakota. So if you’re struggling with infertility, perhaps a trip out to North Dakota would do you good. Maybe there’s something in the water!

The reasons

What are we learning from the results of where the most fertile cities in the USA are? Well, from the findings, it looks like the western half of the USA is more fertile than the east. There are a lot of reasons that this could be, from less pollution in the Midwest, to more religious families living in the Midwest, who are likely to have more children. The facts are that we really don’t know WHY some of these cities have a higher birth rate than others, but there are some very apparent patterns in the findings. Scientists and researchers will continue to study the data that they have accumulated and see what sorts of reasons they can find for the patterns.

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