What can Smoking do to an Unborn Baby?

What can Smoking do to an Unborn Baby?

Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. You have heard this a million times and it is as true as it can get. No good can ever come out of cigarette smoking. By smoking, you are not just injuring your own health but also harming the people around you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The smoke of cigarettes contains over 4,800 chemicals. Did you know that out of these, 69 chemicals have the potential of causing cancer? If you smoke during pregnancy, you transfer all these chemicals to your baby. Is that what you want?

Born with physical health problems

The chemicals can pass through the placenta because they are present in your bloodstream and the fetus requires blood for oxygen and nutrients. By doing this, you are putting your baby at a lot of risk and a number of dangers.

In fact, you are risking your unborn child’s life. This is the reason why doctors strictly ask you to stop smoking once you become pregnant. If you don’t heed the advice and continue smoking, you are most likely to have a miscarriage.

In the off chance that you sustain your pregnancy and give birth, there are very high chances of your baby being born with physical health problems that will last all her life. These include social adjustment problems and learning disability. In short, your child will face the brunt of your bad habit right from the time she is born, through her entire life.

Your baby won’t get adequate oxygen

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and this is very dangerous because it hampers oxygen absorption into the blood. As a result, your baby won’t get adequate oxygen. Because of the lack of oxygen, your baby won’t be able to grow and develop like she should.

The development of vital organs will take a serious beating. The nicotine present in cigarette can reach the baby and constrict the blood vessels. As a result, your baby won’t get the required blood either. Nicotine can even pass through breast milk.

Placental abruption

Pregnancy complication likelihood is double when you smoke. The complications mainly involve the placenta. Placental abruption is one complication. In this condition, the placenta is detached from the uterine wall.

You will experience heavy bleeding and this may result in the death of the fetus. Another condition is placenta previa. This is the condition in which the position of the placenta is lower than normal.

In this position, the placenta will block the uterine opening because of which delivery can be a big problem. During delivery there may be heavy bleeding and this can endanger your life as well as your baby’s.

Premature rupture of the membrane (PROM)

If you smoke during pregnancy, the likelihood of PROM will increase. PROM stands for premature rupture of the membrane. The membrane usually breaks when it is time for the baby to enter the world but if you smoke, the membrane will break before the right time.

A sac holds your baby in place until it is time for delivery. At the right time, this sac breaks and you go into labor. If the sac breaks prematurely, you will have to deliver the baby right away and this causes premature birth. Babies born prematurely are prone to a number of risks.

Please quit smoking!

Those who smoke literally push their babies into a world of misery. The problems last for life in children born to those who smoked through pregnancy. It is wrong to put your baby through so much. Abstain from smoking once you get pregnant. Also be advised to ask your partner to quit smoking too, as secondhand smoke to the unborn baby has just as many serious health affects as well.

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