What Can I you Take While Pregnant for Headaches?

What Kind of Medicine can you Take While Pregnant for Headaches?

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When you are pregnant, it is extremely important to be careful what type of medication you are taking for every day ailments. One issue that many women suffer from when they are pregnant are headaches. These can be quite painful and it can be difficult to determine what type of medication you can take. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

For the most part, you should talk to your doctor before taking any kind of medication. This includes medication for common aches and pains, like headaches. However, here are some general rules and tips to consider while you are pregnant.


When you are choosing pain relief medication, you can take pain medication that is made from acetaminophen. These are safe to take while pregnant, as long as you follow the directions on the label.


You should also avoid taking things that include aspirin or ibuprofen while you are pregnant because they are not safe. Prescription migraine medication is also not safe to take while you are pregnant, so you will need to talk to your doctor about alternatives if you normally take this.

Natural Treatment

The best way to stay healthy while you are pregnant is to look for more natural treatments for things like headaches. Start by looking for the item that is triggering your headaches. Some women develop headaches because of the food they are eating. This could be foods that include MSG, nitrates and nitrites, artificial sweeteners or even foods like bananas, cultured dairy products and smoked fish.

When you do have a headache, look for a natural treatment. For example, you could try a warm or cool compress to the base of your skull or forehead. For migraines, cool compresses tend to work the best. You could also try to take a cold shower, which sometimes helps reduce pain related to a headache quickly.

You can also help yourself avoid headaches by avoiding certain lifestyle items. For example, you should avoid going hungry or thirsty because this could affect your blood sugar. Taking naps in a quiet, dark room throughout the day is also sometimes helpful. You can also try to exercise some or learn a few relaxation techniques as well.

These are all great tips to keep in mind while you are suffering from headaches while you are pregnant. However, keep in mind that you should discuss all your symptoms with your doctor before you begin trying to treat any condition. This will ensure that you are able to stay safe and healthy throughout your entire pregnancy.

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