Ways to Induce Overdue Labor

Ways to Induce Overdue Labor

We are pretty sure it might be the most miserable thing in the entire world: going over your due date. From just being plain huge, to not being able to walk, or sleep, or get comfortable at all, to the heartburn, swollen legs, hands and face, constant peeing, and boobs leaking, once you get around your due date, it is not fun anymore. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

By the time you reach your due date, you are usually SO over being pregnant. And, once you go past your due date? It’s time to get that baby out ASAP! So, here are a few tips for inducing overdue labor.


We know, you already tried that, right? Well, try it again, and again. Don’t walk long enough to become exhausted, but short walks can sometimes help. Especially if you are already having contractions, but are not already in active labor. Walking can not only shorten your labor but also can make labor easier to handle. If you have a beach nearby, walking on the sand is a great labor-inducer. It worked for me! A day spent on the beach brought my overdue baby the very next day.


Yeah, who really feels like sex at the end of their pregnancy? Not many women, but sex is one thing that doctors recommend to help bring on labor. Sex can release hormones that can stimulate labor and bring it on faster. Plus it can help you relax! Bring it on!


One of the most popular ways to bring on labor is by going through acupuncture treatments. For some unknown reason, acupuncture can also reduce the need for c-sections. Acupuncture can stimulate oxytocin to be produced, which can in turn jump start labor.

Spicy Food

Who knows if this one works? There is no medical evidence on this one, but women have been swearing by it for years. Be careful using this one, because if you aren’t feeling well when you try the spicy foods, you might end up feeling even worse afterwards.

Nipple Stimulation

Another popular one, nipple stimulation is another easy way to induce the production of oxytocin, and bring on labor in the process. Women should use caution when they are using this method of inducing labor, since it can bring on long, severe contractions, which can sometimes cause fetal distress.

Castor Oil

Probably one of the oldest “wives tales” that there is for inducing labor, castor oil is known to stimulate the bowels, which lean on the uterus. If you are already on the edge of going into labor, castor oil can perhaps push you over the edge. However you should be very careful using castor oil, since it can bring on really severe diarrhea.

Do Something “Bumpy”

Some women swear that by doing something “bumpy” they were able to bump their babies into a better position for bringing on labor. Going horseback riding, riding an ATV (slowly of course) on a trail, or even driving a riding mower around the yard might be able to help. Also try bouncing on a exercise ball, or even jumping on a trampoline.

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