Ways to Boost Breast Milk Supply

Ways to Boost Breast Milk Supply

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Moms have their own decision when it comes to feeding their kids. While some want to formula-feed their babies, some choose to either mix-feed or exclusively breastfeed their little ones. If you decide to breastfeed your child, here are a few tips to help boost your milk supply. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Keep nursing

The more you feed your child, the more milk supply it produces. Some moms may not have milk supplies for their kids; however, there are others who just give up too soon. Nurse your baby as often as you can to let your body try to produce the milk supply that your baby needs. Moms with twins can do it, and so can you.

Switch sides

In connection to number one, since the breast produces more milk by nursing often, it is important to switch sides from time to time to allow both breasts to produce milk. The longer you feed your baby, the more you will see the cue that it is time to switch sides.

Drink lots of fluid

Water intake is very important for breastfeeding moms. It helps hydrate them and help their body produce more milk at the same time. Water and soup might help increase your milk supply.

Have a lactation consultation

Not that you’re doing something wrong, but sometimes, despite the efforts, there’s a possibility that something isn’t right. A lactation consultant is equipped in helping moms to with any lactating concerns. A lactation consultant could be someone you need.

Eat foods to increase breastmilk

Whatever you eat during the nursing phase is critical to your post-delivery recovery. Not only that, it will also affect the amount of milk that your body produce. Eating foods that are known to aid in milk production is something you should consider doing. These foods are easy to find at the grocery store. Some of the many foods that help increase milk supply are oatmeal, salmon, spinach and beet leaves, carrots, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, bottle gourd, barley, asparagus and more.

Breastfeeding can be very challenging at first but as soon as you go along, it will become easier for you and your baby. Don’t give up right away. And as an added benefit, it can bring mom natural birth control to keep you from getting pregnant quickly after birth.

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