Vitex for Natural Fertility Treatment

Vitex for Natural Fertility Treatment

When trying to get pregnant, many women turn to herbs for help with their fertility. The reasons for using herbal remedies are many. They are cheaper than prescription drugs, they don’t require a trip to the doctor, and they are readily available over the counter online or at health food stores everywhere.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Another good aspect of using herbal treatments? They are all natural, with no dangerous chemicals or additives. That is important to many women who are wanting to make sure of what exactly they are putting into their bodies. Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular fertility herbs out there, Vitex.


Vitex is also known as Chasteberry, since it is made from the fruit of the chaste tree. Although not technically a tree, the chaste tree is more like a shrub. It is a beautiful plant that is native to Greece and Italy. Vitex is a unique herb, in that it does not contain any hormones itself, but it does have a supportive effect on the other hormones of the body.

Vitex has been a popular fertility herb for many, many years, and continues to be one of the most popular fertility herbs that there are today. Vitex is used for many things as far as fertility is concerned. Here are a few of the most popular uses for Vitex.

Inhibiting FSH

Follicle Stimulating Hormone, also known as FSH, is inhibited by Vitex. In turn, this makes the body secrete more LH (luteinizing hormone), which helps to increase progesterone production. Increased progesterone is important for many women who are having fertility problems. By increasing production of progesterone, this can make it easier for a woman to get pregnant.

Lengthening a short luteal phase

When a woman has a short luteal phase, it can make it harder to get pregnant. Of course, Vitex doesn’t contain its own hormones, but it can help stimulate the body into producing more of it’s own luteinizing hormone. This can help to lengthen the luteal phase.


Helps to prevent miscarriage

One great thing about Vitex is the fact that it might help to prevent miscarriage. Many women’s miscarriages are caused by a lack of progesterone. For that reason, Vitex might actually help to prevent miscarriages, since it helps the body to produce more progesterone on your own.

Helps to regulate irregular periods

Vitex can also help to regulate irregular periods, in women who have problems with irregular periods. It has also been shown to help with women who have periods that are extremely light or extremely heavy. There have been cases that also show that Vitex can help resume periods in women who have experienced an absence of periods.

Helps with PCOS symptoms

For women that have PCOS, that condition can come along with some very difficult symptoms. PCOS can be hard to deal with, but Vitex can help balance out the hormones in the body and make those symptoms easier to deal with.

Long-term use

Doctors and other experts suggest that when using Vitex, you should plan to take it long term. While the effects of Vitex can be started to be noticed within about two weeks, the full benefits are not usually noticed until about six months after beginning Vitex. Vitex helps to balance out the body’s chemistry, so that can take a while for the total benefits to be reached.

How to use

You can find Vitex in several different forms. You can get it in capsules, loose leaf forms, as a powder, and even as a tea. Most experts suggest taking Vitex in the morning, about half an hour before breakfast. You should use Vitex every day during the month without a break.

Vitex is usually very well tolerated by most women and not very many side effects have been reported during the very long history that Vitex has been in use. Most experts agree that once you get pregnant, it is safe to take Vitex through the third month of pregnancy.

After that, it might stimulate lactation too early, so it is not recommended that you take it after that.

If you have any additional questions about Vitex and how it can help your fertility, ask your doctor for additional info on herbal remedies.

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