How Vitamin E Increases Fertility

How Vitamin E Increases Fertility

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is very beneficial to health. A lot of people take Vitamin E supplements and eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E in order to reap its benefits. Some of the benefits of Vitamin E are improved heart health, respiratory health, circulatory health, brain health and PMS symptom relief. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Vitamin E is found naturally in such foods as almonds and other nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach and apricots. But, the real question here is: can Vitamin E help with fertility? Today we are going to tackle that question and find out!

Vitamin E for men

Vitamin E is commonly recommended for men to help them fight fertility issues. Low levels of Vitamin E are usually found in men with fertility problems. So, by using a Vitamin E supplement, men can increase their fertility. Vitamin E can help improve sperm mobility and quality, making it easier for a woman to get pregnant.

Vitamin E has also been shown to reduce sperm defects in men, which can lead to less risk of birth defects or miscarriage. The numbers are actually really good, showing that men who take Vitamin E supplements for even just a few months, can see up to a 10% increase in fertility.

Vitamin E for women

It is true that most of Vitamin E’s fertility research has been done on men, but that is not to say that there are no benefits for women as well! Vitamin E can increase cervical mucus in women, which is essential for helping sperm to stay alive for several days at a time. Vitamin E can also help to prevent egg defects and increase overall egg health in women which can lessen the chances of birth defects and miscarriage.

Some studies also suggest that Vitamin E can lengthen the luteal phase of the cycle also. There is still much more research to be done on Vitamin E and fertility in women, however, since most of the research done so far has been for men. We are excited to see what benefits for women research will uncover in the future!

Like we have mentioned before, the research on Vitamin E and fertility is still in its early stages. We are looking forward to seeing what the studies uncover in the future. Since Vitamin E is already such a great supplement and provides so many benefits, we are sure there are more to come. But with what they have already discovered, if you’re trying for baby, it’s high time to go to your local drug store and look to begin Vitamin E supplements.

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