Varicocele and Male Infertility

Varicocele and Male Infertility

Varicocele usually acts as a swelling in the veins that are used to drain the testicles or even as a dilation of it, on both sides (although in most cases the affection appears on the left side). The link between Varicocele and male infertility is the fact that this affliction will end up raising the testicle’s temperature, this way damaging its ability to produce productive sperm. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The main treatment for Varicocele is through a surgical procedure for the affected part, thus allowing the veins to have a normal drainage through the testicle. Usually, for most men, after having done this procedure, results can take up to 4 months to be shown. Although talking about a really sensitive area of the body, modern medicine has about 4 surprises for those unlucky enough to suffer from varicocele: conventional and laparoscopic surgery, radiologic balloon occlusion and microsurgery.

Conventional surgery

If you are thinking about going classic with this procedure, here is what you need to know. During the procedure, a small cut will be made along the testicular area in order for the spermatic cord to be lifted from the scrotum, so that the swollen veins are tied off. Being a standard procedure, this is the most commonly used one and as far as risks go you should be aware that varicocele could reoccur (there is about a 20% chance).


A more modern option would be the microsurgery! This involves having the procedure done literally under a microscope, during which the surgeon will be able to tie off each and every enlarged vein. The advantage for having this kind of procedure done is the fact that you will be able to preserve the lymphatic ducts and the testicular artery intact because of the high magnification level this is done under.

Radiologic balloon occlusion

This procedure is not a really common one, as people usually prefer the other ones. The way it works is through a small silicone balloon catheter being placed through the testicular vein (under a X-ray guidance). This way, the balloon blocks the enlarged veins and restores everything to normal.

Laparoscopic surgery

This kind of surgery is the most minimally invasive one. It is done by small incisions throughout the testicular area to unclog the enlarged veins, enabling the patient to get rid of varicocele through minimal damage.

As you can see, varicocele and male infertility go hand in hand, as this is one of the most common causes for infertility in men, given the fact that 40% of all men end up with this condition. Fortunately, it can be treated as mentioned above and it is only up the patient and the doctor what option is chosen.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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