Unexplained Infertility: Diagnosis, Cause & Treatment

Unexplained Infertility: Diagnosis, Cause & Treatment

When, despite all the efforts, and without any serious medical background, all your attempts in getting pregnant fail, you are likely dealing with unexplained infertility. The questions regarding the realistic causes behind this unfortunate medical condition are often times left unanswered. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here!

What may be causing the infertility?

A number of external factors may contribute to infertility, such as a polluted environment, an improper diet, the lack of regular exercise, daily stress – or all of these combined. The bottom line is, however, that no definite response can be given in the absence of any medical cause. Only time will tell for certain whether this is a more serious matter or not.

For both, men and women, fertility tests, regular check-ups and follow-ups are only able to incur a confusing diagnosis of infertility founded on unknown origins. Sometimes there is simply no specific cause regarding infertility.

When doctors don’t have the answers

Couples tend to go and see a doctor when their regular endeavors to conceive a child eventually prove fruitless. We definitely turn to medicine for clear answers related to our physical body, but the sad part is that not even doctors can figure out the implication of events and why this condition impinges upon our right to have a family. The reality is that experts find themselves in the same blur as we do, and are unable to put their finger on what the culprit actually is.

Never give up on your dreams

However, regardless of the results, when striving to achieve pregnancy it is of utmost importance never to give up on your dreams, because you may never know what the future will truly have in store for you.

Perhaps it is not the right time, or maybe it is not yet in the stars, perhaps subconsciously you are not yet ready to welcome a baby into this world, but regardless of any psychological difficulties, you should still try to seize the opportunity to enhance your fertility status with express natural remedies meant to establish the appropriate hormonal balance in order to improve your chances of finally getting pregnant. This way, by putting your best efforts into it, your feelings of disappointed and low self esteem will vanish.

When the results of the fertility tests come back normal, the immediacy of unexplained fertility can be quite frustrating: no clear-cut answer, no medical disorders. Despite being an unexpected result, unexplained infertility is common amongst infertile couples. Most of them learn to accept it, but still they stand their ground, and continue to pursue their dreams and goals.

1 in 3 couples will get pregnant

Specific medical studies have shown that in the first three years of experiencing unexplained infertility, one in three couples will eventually be expecting a baby, with no medical treatments and no concrete answers that would explain this change.

Seek out medical assistance

Ultimately, patience is a virtue, and time is capable of real miracles. Just give it time, stop dwelling all the time on this matter, and remember that giving up on your goal is not an option. For the couples who are not willing to wait, the latest technologies in the medical field offer them alternative solutions, namely in-vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination. Therefore, regardless of the path you choose, increasing your fertility and your chances of becoming pregnant is always an option.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
Ms. Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. She has a strong interest in women's health with an emphasis on promoting fertility awareness.