Tylenol Affects Child’s Development in Utero

Too Much Tylenol in Pregnancy Could Affect Child's Development

Drug of Choice

Pregnant women have turned to Tylenol for many years to quell the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Doctors have long recommended Tylenol against other over the counter pain relievers because they were believed to be safer for pregnant women, but now, some experts believe that too much Tylenol during pregnancy could actually cause developmental problems in babies. Read on for more info. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The Study

The study was run by the School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo in Norway. The study looked at more than 48,000 Norwegian children and asked their mothers about the medications they took during weeks 17 through 30 of their pregnancies, and then asked more questions again 6 months after the babies were born.

When the children reached age three, the moms then filled out another questionnaire about their kids’ developmental milestones. Somewhere around 4 percent of the moms took Tylenol at least 28 days during their pregnancies.

The study found that the children whose mothers took the Tylenol the most often had poor motor skills, and also started walking later than the children whose moms didn’t take Tylenol, or who took Tylenol less often. The “more Tylenol” kids also had poorer language and communication skills and also had more behavior problems.

What The Results Mean

Ragnhild Eek Brandlistuen, the researcher who led the study, said that it can be particularly difficult to obtain research on the effects of over the counter drugs on pregnant women, since it is unethical to do those sorts of tests. All that can really be done is to observe pregnant women in the real world and take note of what happens.

“Long-term use of (acetaminophen) increased the risk of behavior problems by 70 percent at age three,” Brandlistuen said. “That is considerable.”

More Information

An interesting twist was that Ibuprofen was not linked to any of the problems at all, so it seems like it might be a safer alternative. However, the researchers note that since around 65 percent of women will take Tylenol at some point during their pregnancy, there should really be more research done on the subject.

There are even some researchers that believe that there is a possible strong link towards Tylenol use during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder, although there is not a definitive answer on that yet. Most experts recommend that pregnant women try to cut back on using Tylenol during pregnancy just to make sure, and that they consider switching to Ibuprofen instead.

If you have any questions about which medications are safe to take during pregnancy, talk with your doctor, and of course, always talk with your doctor before switching medications or taking anything that you haven’t already taken. This is a new area of study, and more research will be needed in the future, but for now,err on the side of caution, as with all things during pregnancy.

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