Twin Pregnancy Symptoms: 8 Early Signs

If you think you might be carrying twins, these are just going to be a few things that you can look out for.

Higher HCG levels

First thing to look out for would be higher HCG levels. Now HCG levels are tested for at your doctor’s office. It’s just a simple blood test. And not everyone’s going to automatically get an HCG test. They happen early on in your pregnancy and typically only happen for women that have undergone fertility treatments or have had miscarriages in the past. So if you don’t get an HCG test, totally fine, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your doctor isn’t doing anything wrong but if you do happen to get one you can check for your levels and if your levels are very high, very early on and are doubling very fast, that can be a sign of twins. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Bad morning sickness

Some women experience excessive morning sickness very early on in their pregnancies. I think typically morning sickness hits right around like 6-8 weeks so if you are experiencing really bad morning sickness before that, like around 4 weeks, then that could be a sign of twins.

Measuring big

If you’re measuring large for your gestational age, definitely a sign of having twins because there are two babies in there instead of one, you’re going to have to expand a little bit faster that you would if you’re carrying a singleton.

Early fetal movement

Another one would be if you’re experiencing early and frequent fetal movement. Typically for your first pregnancy, women tend to experience their first fetal movement anywhere between 18 and 20 weeks, but if you’re experiencing that a lot sooner and a lot more frequent earlier, that definitely could be a sign of twins. Like if you experience a kick or a movement real low in your belly and then something up real high, definitely could be a sign of twins. Because if you don’t think the baby’s quite as big as your whole stomach is yet.

Mother’s intuition

And then mother’s intuition, if you think you might be having twins, you just might be.

Check your family history

And also take a look at your family history because if you’ve got twins on your side or your partner has twins on his side, you know that can definitely play a role whether or not you guys will have twins.

Now everything that I’ve talked about so far is a fail safe way to know if you’re having twins or not or if you’re carrying twins or not, but I do have two ways that can be pretty concrete and I tell you 100%:

Two heartbeats = twins

The first symptom that you would experience would be using your fetal doppler or having the doctor use the fetal Doppler. If you’re not a pro at using one, you might get a false reading but you’d be able to pick up two separate heartbeats on a fetal doppler so they could tell you either way whether you’re having one or two.

Check out the ultrasound

And then of course the ultimate fail safe way to know if you’re having twins is an ultrasound. Ultrasounds typically happen about 8 weeks, 8-10 weeks I think is about the earliest that the doctor will do an ultrasound unless you’ve experienced problems in the past, then you might be able to get one earlier but at 8 weeks you can definitely see the baby on the screen and that would be very easy to tell if you’re having a singleton or twins.

So those are just a few ways that you’d be able to know if you’re carrying twins so, kind of keep an ear out if you’re early in your pregnancy and you think you might be experiencing twins, you know, there are definitely some signs out there that could lead you one way or the other, so, good luck! And will talk to you next time. Bye!

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Lindsey Zaldivar
Lindsey Zaldivar | ConceiveEasy
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