Top 5 Reasons Your Period is Late

Top 5 Reasons Your Period is Late

There are many reasons that your period can be late, hundreds if you really dug deep enough. But below you will find my personal opinion on the most common top 5 reasons your period can be late. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


This is a clear one that most women immediately jump to if their period is late. The magical time when all that planning pays off and you miss your period- it’s exciting, thrilling, scary, and yet relieving all at the same time. Congratulations to you! This is, in fact, one of the most common reasons but it is certainly not the only reason there is.


Most people tend to not think about this option. Any new medication you start could have an effect on your body. This could be a reaction to the drug itself on your body or a reaction with that drug interfering with another drug you are also taking. This is very common; this is why your doctors ask what other medications you are on. It is very important that you tell them everything you are currently taking, or have taken in the past 30 days.


Boy, oh boy! This is HUGE! It cannot be stressed enough, no pun intended. New job? New full-time college student? Big move? An unexpected change in your day to day life? Anything that puts the slightest bit of stress on you can cause hormonal imbalances in your body- which in turn pushes your period off. If you’re not pregnant, odds are this is what has caused your period to be so late. Usually, if you eliminate the problem then your body will return to normal.


Extremely overweight? Underweight? These can also cause issues with your hormones. Women that are overweight will have issues with hormonal imbalances simply from carrying the extra weight. These balances will return to “normal” if a little weight is lost, even if they are still considered overweight.

Females that are underweight do not have enough body fat for their periods to continue on a regular schedule. This issue is called amenorrhea and usually causes issues for women who over exceed exercising or are professional athletes. If a little weight is put on this helps bring things back to “normal” as they were before.


Sometimes there is just such a simple answer that it gets overlooked. Is it possible that you timed your period wrong? Maybe you forgot to carry the 1? (haha) I know this has happened to me many times, I’m sure others do the same thing on a regular basis. If your period is late look at this option first, then rule out the weight, stress, or medications before you jump to telling everyone you are pregnant.

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