Top 10 Irish Baby Names

Top 10 Irish Baby Names

What are the hottest baby names of 2013 so far? It looks like Irish baby names are dominating the list so far this year! We have five of the hottest baby boy Irish names and five of the hottest baby girl Irish names that are out there right now, and we’re ready to tell you what they are! Here they are, in no particular order. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


You know him as either a portion of the British pop boy band One Direction or as Miley Cyrus’ on-again/off-again fiance, but Liam is one of the most popular Irish baby names out there right now!


One of the most popular boy names in the USA right now, it is an Irish baby name meaning “Fiery,” and everybody is loving it! There are all sorts of various of this name, from Hayden, Jayden, Kayden and more.


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have a son named Connor! It is a nice, classy name for boys, and it means “Nobleman.” Some say the name also means “Lover of Hounds,” which is perfect for a little boy. What little boy doesn’t love a puppy?


Super popular name for little guys, this name is sure to be found in almost every single elementary school class! It’s so popular, tons of celebs have chosen Evan as a name for their boys! Jenny McCarthy, Bruce Springsteen, and more have boys named Evan!


We couldn’t leave Finn off the list! Thanks to Glee and our favorite super hot jock/glee club boy, Finn is one of the most popular boy names out there! Tori Spelling just welcomed a Finn into her brood!


Riley is a very popular name in the USA right now, both for boys and for girls! And guess what, it’s Irish! Riley either means “rye field,” or it is an Anglicization of the Irish surname O’Reilly. Either way, we love it!


Another super popular baby name for both boys and girls, Quinn is growing in popularity! It means “strong,” and we are loving it!


Delaney is a gorgeous name for a baby girl, even Martina McBride named her daughter Delaney! It’s an adorable name that is growing in popularity!


Alana is the feminine form of the name Alan, and it is gaining in popularity for girls in the USA. Alan means “handsome,” so we can only guess that “Alana” will be a beautiful little girl name!


Ashlynn is an adorable name for little girls, it means “dream” or “vision,” and we absolutely love it!

There you have it! These are just a few of our favorite Irish baby names. Irish baby names are growing in popularity and they are some of our very favorite names out there right now!!

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