Top 10 Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Top 10 Chinese Herbs for Fertility

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If you are having trouble getting pregnant, if you are not seeing any indication that you are ovulating or if you are doing so on an irregular basis, then you will need to see your doctor about it. However, before you jump in and do that, you can try taking some fertility herbs that have been used in Chinese medicine to treat infertility. Chinese herbs for fertility are a great starting point to kickstart your fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Preparing to Get Pregnant

But before that, visit your doctor for a preconception visit. That is because you want to make sure that your health is up to par so that you can attempt trying to achieve a pregnancy.

Your blood pressure will be measured, and your weight will be taken, and blood work will be done to reveal if there are any issues that could get in the way of your TTC-journey. And, if there are any issues that come up during the checkup such as high blood pressure or if your weight is not at a healthy place whether it is too low or too high- then you will be referred to dieticians or other specialists if necessary.

Additionally, dieticians that patients are referred to will have to have knowledge of the fertility diet and fertility friendly foods that their patients will need to stick with in order to increase their chances of conceiving. And, if you have to make changes to their weight whether you need to gain or lose- the dietician will guide them along the way.

In order for a woman to get pregnant and to reduce the risks of any kind of pregnancy-related complications, she will need to make sure that her BMI is over 18 and under 30. In fact, it is ideal if her BMI is from 20 to 25. However, if you are a little underweight or a little overweight, that is okay too. You just need to take precautions if your weight is not ideal.

Not to mention, aspiring moms are told to take prenatal vitamins and 400 mcg of folic acid at the very least in order to reduce the risk of serious neural tube birth defects such as spinal bifida.

Spinal bifida

And, you are also told that you better stop smoking, drinking or doing drugs if you want to get pregnant. And, if quitting smoking cold turkey is going to be too stressful, then it is advisable to work with a plan with the doctor to wean you off of cigarettes.

Additionally, not only is it important for couples that are trying to conceive to stick to the fertility friendly foods but to strictly limit sugar and refined carbs, as well as trans fats. That means if you have been going to fast food joints every day and snacking on candies and potato chips, then you need to stop doing that. You can indulge once a week but do not do more than that. It will hurt you chances of conceiving since sugar and trans fats are simply not nutritious.

Additionally, when you are trying to conceive, you need to learn how to manage your stress levels because if you don’t that will have a negative impact on your fertility. That means taking up yoga, or learning how to meditate, or winding down after a long day by listening to your favorite music, reading your favorite book, or watching your favorite show.

stress levels

In order to help combat stress, getting moderate amounts of exercise is a must as well by taking 30-minute walks for 5 days a week. But don’t exercise too much and with any high intensity. And, you will want to make sure that you are active and not sedentary. Lack of proper exercise will not only have a negative impact on your fertility but your stress levels will not be reduced. And, if you exercise too much such as running marathons often, and working out with great intensity for hours daily- that is too stressful on your body and will have a negative impact on your fertility as well.

And, you will want to make sure that you get enough sleep but not too much. Be sure to get no less than 6 hours of sleep, and ideally 7, and don’t get more than 9 hours. That will have a negative impact on your fertility as well.

And men must also stop drinking, smoking and doing drugs because that will have a negative impact on their sperm count and quality. Additionally, being exposed to a lot of heat such as them taking long hot showers and wearing constricting pants and underwear will kill off sperm as well. You will need to take shorter lukewarm showers and will need to wear boxes and loose fitting cotton pants instead of briefs and tight fitting jeans.

smoking, drinking and drugs affect the fertility

And, last but certainly not least, women need to start getting to know their cycles and find out when or if you are ovulating. The first question to ask yourself is if your cycles are regular. Not if you are of each month by a few days here or there. If you get your period after 30 days for one month, then for 45 days another month, and then for 60 days for another- then your cycles are not regular and you are not ovulating properly.

The only way to learn if and when you are ovulating is if you take your body basal temperature each morning and mark the temperature on the graph for 3 months. And if you see a pattern of when you ovulate, then you are ovulating. You can also check your cervical mucus for consistency. If you end up having abundant and egg-white mucus a day or two before when you suspect you ovulate, then you are clearly ovulating.


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Let’s now go over these medicinal and healing Chinese herbs for fertility right now:

Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

This herb has been used among Chinese practitioners for many years which has been known to treat fertility by balancing the hormonal levels, and it has properties that help balance the menstrual cycle so you become ovulatory and regular. Additionally, this herb also treats ovulation disorders by strengthening the LH surge which triggers the egg to come out. It also improves the length of the luteal phase, which is the second phase of the cycle so that there is more than enough time for the embryo to implant properly if pregnancy does occur. Many women with PCOS or other hormone irregularities have found that this herb really has improved their fertility and had been able to get pregnant.

Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) - Chinese herbs for fertility


You would not think that cinnamon is a potent spice because it tastes so delicious on your toast or on your apple pie. However, raw cinnamon that has not been processed has so many amazing healing properties. Cinnamon has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and it has been shown to improve fertility for men and women. Cinnamon has been known to increase sperm production and for women, it lowers insulin levels and blood sugar. This is a common issue with women that have PCOS. The insulin and higher blood sugar will have a negative impact on fertility and ovulation, and if those levels become lower, then that is beneficial for leveling out hormones and increasing the chance of ovulation, and pregnancy.

Cinnamon - Chinese herbs for fertility

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a medicinal herb that has been used in Chinese practices throughout so many years that has helped male and female fertility. This herb is known to regulate cycles in women and has been helpful for women that have irregular periods and ovulation due to PCOS. And, for men, Tribulus is known to increase and improve sperm count and quality. Studies have also shown that this Chinese herb has helped couples that struggled with fertility to conceive.

Tribulus terrestris - Chinese herbs for fertility

Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca may be from the Peruvian Andes but this herb has been used among Chinese practitioners for improving libido and fertility. This herb has been known to regulate testosterone levels in both men and women. That said since men need more testosterone than women, it helps their hormones become more balanced. And, for women, it helps lower testosterone which is extremely useful for those who have PCOS when testosterone levels are high. And, for men that have erectile dysfunction, Maca helps correct that. Women also find that you have an increase in libido after taking this Chinese herb.

Lepidium meyenii - Chinese herbs for fertility

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is  one of the Chinese herbs for fertility that is grown in China, and it has been used among medical practitioners in the area for centuries. This herb helps settle heavy bleeding during menstruation and helps relieve PMS pain and discomfort. Additionally, it helps regulate hormonal levels, it boosts the immune system and helps improve overall health. In fact, Dong Quai has been considered to be the superior treatment for gynecological conditions.

Dong Quai - Chinese herbs for fertility


Acupuncture is an herb but it is a common and effective practice that comes with Chinese medicine, and it has been known to treat various ailments including fertility. In fact, it is a lot less expensive than western fertility treatments, and the way it works is that it helps remove energetic blockages that can be causing infertility as well as other ailments.

Chinese practitioners who perform acupuncture know exactly what points on the body to target that need to be worked with which can affect their fertility. And, many couples that have struggled with infertility have actually successfully conceived after acupuncture treatments.

acupuncture - Chinese herbs for fertility

False Unicorn Root

False Unicorn Root is one of the fertility herbs that has been known to help restore hormonal balances, and ovulation as well. This particular herb is a popular one for women that have PCOS to take because it has helped them ovulate regularly and it has helped them conceive. In fact, on many fertility forums, this particular Chinese herb has been discussed a lot because it is quite helpful to a lot of women who have struggled with infertility.

False Unicorn Root - Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Red Clover

Red Clover is another popular herb for fertility, that has been used to treat infertility in Chinese practices over so many years. The reason it is so popular is that it helps nourish the female reproductive system, balances hormones, and calms nervousness. And, in order to conceive successfully, you need to be calm. Red Clover is also rich in vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

Red Clover - Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Stinging Nettle

This Chinese herb is not only high in many important minerals and in chlorophyll, but it is a great medicinal herb for helping to regulate the body’s hormones as well as it helps regulate ovulation and regulates menstrual cycles. It has been said to make PMS a lot less painful as well. Many women with PCOS have had success after taking Stinging Nettle and have conceived once you had their hormones balanced.

Stinging Nettle  - Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle has been used to improve the luteal phase, as well as it helps thicken the uterine lining so that implantation can happen if conception were to occur. It helps regulate and improve estrogen and progesterone levels.

 Lady's Mantle - Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Bottom Line

These herbs that have been used among practitioners for a long time have helped many couples that struggle with infertility get pregnant. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to take them even if you don’t have fertility issues just to strengthen your system.

However, in some cases, if these Chinese herbs for fertility have not been helpful and you have been trying to conceive for a year, then you will need to have stronger intervention by fertility specialists and you will need to go on fertility drugs in order to get the treatment you need.

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