Tips for Trying to Conceive the Natural Way

Tips for Trying to Conceive the Natural Way

For couples trying to have a baby nowadays there are countless ways to help conceive, but many of them require fertility drugs, invasive medical procedures and the like. All of which can be costly and taxing on the body. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Instead of going that route there are natural ways to conceive that work simply by paying attention to the needs of the body and making smart decisions. In that effort we have put together 4 tips for trying to conceive the natural way that will help you be successful in your journey in becoming a parent of a beautiful baby boy or girl.

Follow your ovulation schedule

One of the best tips any couple trying to conceive naturally can follow is to know when ovulation is and to always prepare for it. There are ways to check your ovulation schedule such as ovulation predictor kits, charting basal body temperature (BBT) and checking cervical mucus for the right consistency. Knowing your ovulation schedule will allow you to be sure to have sex in the days leading up to and the day of ovulation to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Have sex as often as you can

Though following your ovulation schedule is important, it is just as vital that you actively try for a baby as much as possible to increase the likelihood of success. In optimal circumstances sperm can live up to 5 days in the reproductive tract; if you’re sure to have sex as much as possible in the days leading up to and during ovulation a high amount of sperm in the reproductive tract increases the odds of one lucky sperm making the journey to the mature egg and fertilizing it.

Insure optimal cervical mucus for conception

Cervical mucus is essential to the conception process as it allows sperm to live longer in the reproductive tract and provides a smoother journey for them as they make their way to the egg. If you have issues with cervical mucus, whether it is not enough of it or the wrong consistency, take steps to insure that it is optimal for conception.

There are a variety of ways to do this:

Use Robitussin to help cervical mucus become thin and watery (The perfect consistency for conception)

Use natural herbs and supplements that target cervical mucus and helps produce more

Drink plenty of fluids to be converted to cervical mucus

Plan your nutritional diet around increasing conception

Food provides our bodies with the vital nutrients that it needs to not only survive, but to ensure a healthy body. Eating a diet rich in foods that provide nourishment to systems and processes that are involved in reproduction is a natural way to help increase your chances of conceiving.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the full color spectrum

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, soy and food additives as much as possible

Research specific foods that promote fertility, ovulation and hormone balance

Balance diet with nutrient rich supplements that help in reproduction

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