Tips for Checking Your Cervical Mucus

Tips for Checking Your Cervical Mucus

Checking your cervical mucus

For women actively trying to conceive a baby checking cervical mucus can help to provide a clear and useful way to know when ovulation is about to occur. Unlike basal body temperature charting which only provides you with a positive ovulation result after the ovulation period has ended, checking your cervical mucus can a quick, efficient and no-cost way to understand when to have sex to try to conceive. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Some women might find the task of checking cervical mucus to be icky, creating a squeamish feeling, but it truly is a wonderful technique that every woman trying to get pregnant should utilize.

Why is checking cervical mucus so important?

The cervical mucus in women’s bodies provide a sort of indicator for where they are in the ovulation cycle. From the time of menstruation up until about a few days before ovulation, cervical mucus is thick, tacky and fairly inhospitable to sperm; it makes it difficult for sperm to make the journey through the reproductive tract and create an environment where the sperm lives for only a very short time of about 24 hours.

However, in the days leading up to ovulation and during ovulation cervical mucus takes on a clear, watery consistency that is very similar to egg whites; this type of cervical mucus provide an easy journey for sperm to the matured egg and helps it survive in the reproductive tract up to 5 days so that it has a better chance of making it to the egg.

Tips on how to check cervical mucus

The Right Way to Do It – Checking your cervical mucus isn’t a hard task, but you need to do it right to make sure you get the correct results. Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your hands before checking and then insert your finger into your vagina.

Depending on how much you are creating you may need to insert it deeper into your vagina; getting sample from your cervix area ideal. Remove the finger and look at the result to gauge consistency. Roll the mucus around between your index finger and thumb, if it stretches a fair amount of length it is at the consistency for ovulation, if it is sticky and thick your are a fair ways away from ovulation.

Be sure to wait to check your cervical mucus at least several hours after sex or getting aroused as your vagina naturally gathers more lubrication during this time and it can easily be mistaken for the right cervical mucus consistency.

If you are squeamish about inserting your finger into your vagina you may be able to check it by looking at toilet paper that you have inserted into your vagina or checking your underwear for cervical mucus.

If you are having trouble finding any cervical mucus try checking again after a bowel movement.

Some medications can hinder the natural secretion of cervical mucus such as antihistamines and the fertility drug Clomid, creating less of it just before ovulation.

Women with illnesses such as PCOS find that they produce a heavy level of fertile-like cervical mucus at different times during their monthly cycle. If this is the case for you using cervical mucus as a way to predict ovulation may not be the right choice for you.

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