Third Trimester of Pregnancy: What to Expect

Congrats! You have graduated from the second trimester and made it to your third trimester! You are in the home stretch now, and not much longer until you will meet your little bundle of joy! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You are probably really getting a bit more uncomfortable now. Your belly is definitely out there now, and you might be starting to feel more tired now. You might notice your feet hurting, or your legs bothering you.

Heartburn might also be a problem, and your baby is probably kicking you all the time. It might be getting hard to tie your shoes, or shave your legs in the shower. Don’t worry, you are almost there now!

Month Seven

Your baby is beginning to get fatter, and is starting to resemble those chunky little babies in the TV commercials now. His or her lungs are fully developed now, and your baby could most likely survive without medical intervention if he or she was born right now!

Your baby’s eyelids are also opening now after being closed since the end of your first trimester. Imagine all the cool sights that your baby gets to take in right now! Your baby is probably also kicking and hitting you all the time since he or she is having an energy surge from all the new fats that the baby is getting. Fun fact? Your baby is now strong enough to grasp your finger.

Month Eight

During the eighth month of pregnancy, your baby will probably try to turn around into the head down position to prepare for pregnancy. Your baby is surely beginning to run out of space by now in the womb. Most babies at this stage are around 6 pounds already! Your baby’s bones are hardening, and really cool things are happening in there.

Fun fact? Your baby can recognize and react to songs that you sing and words that you say a lot. Gross Fact? Your baby is using the potty, and probably peeing around a pint a day. That is a lot for a little tiny baby who isn’t even born yet, huh? You can think of the eighth month of pregnancy as the finishing touches, where everything is almost completely ready, but just needs a little more time.

Month Nine

The end is finally here! You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Anytime after 38 weeks, you are considered full term, and you can deliver at any time with no real complications or problems.

Your baby’s fingernails are probably very long at this point, and will usually need trimming shortly after birth. Your baby probably is not moving much anymore, simply because there isn’t much room!

Your baby is most likely in position for delivery by now, and some babies have around an inch of hair already, believe it or not! By this time, your sweet little bundle of joy is done baking, and may weigh anywhere from five to ten pounds, Congratulations, you made it! Now go enjoy the fruits of your “labor”!

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Brittany Null
Brittany Null | ConceiveEasy
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