The Little Couple Adopts; JLove Egg Freezing?

The Little Couple Adopts; Jennifer Love Hewitt Egg Freezing?

Lots of news in the fertility/baby world this week! Read on to find out what we’re all buzzing about this week! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The Little Couple Adopts

Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, from TLC’s The Little Couple have decided to expand their family! The couple have wanted to add to their family for a long time! They tried to have a baby via a surrogate last year, but tragedy struck when they learned the sad news that their surrogate had miscarried.

However, happy news is on the horizon now! Bill and Jennifer are in the process of adopting a three year old little boy from China! Even cooler? Their new son also has a form of dwarfism!

Watch their adoption journey

How great for this couple to be able to take a little guy who probably feels very alone and outcast in his life and give him lots of love, but also show him that there are other people out there who are just like him! We can’t wait to check out the new season of The Little Couple on TLC, premiering April 30 at 10pm!

It is going to be so exciting to watch Bill and Jennifer through their adoption journey! And we definitely can’t wait to see that cute little guy when he makes his debut!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Egg Freezing

In other fertility news, it looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt might be the next star to consider freezing her eggs! She denied the rumors on her Twitter page, but then again, everyone denies rumors on Twitter, right? Anyway, the rumor is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is really wanting to freeze her eggs.

She told Us Weekly way back in 2010 that she couldn’t wait to have babies, but she hasn’t really found Mr. Right yet. She is dating her ‘Client List’ costar Brian Hallisay, but we don’t think they are “baby serious” yet. Word is that JLH has been asking around about egg freezing, what all it entails, and what the costs are.

Back Up Plan

Friends say that Jennifer is afraid that she will end up single and alone, and never have the chance to be a mom, since none of her previous relationships have worked out. Friends say that JLH is using egg freezing as a “back up plan”, just in case she doesn’t end up finding Mr. Right anytime soon. Don’t worry Jen! There is no reason why you can’t still have babies! You’re only 34!

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