The Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Sperm Donation Story

The Bachelor Sean Lowe's Sperm Donation Story

Sperm donation drama?

Well, there is never a lack of drama when it comes to anything Bachelor-related, and this time, it isn’t even about any of the ladies from the reality show! The newest rumor on the block is that Bachelor Sean Lowe had previously planned to donate his sperm to help his sister, Shay Shull, have a baby.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Radar Online first reported the story, stating that Sean’s sister and her hubby had faced “heartbreaking fertility problems”, and that SEAN was the one who came up with the idea of donating HIS sperm to a surrogate. The reason behind this alleged plan? Apparently Sean wanted to donate his sperm so that Shay’s baby would have at least some of the family’s genetic makeup and traits. Is this sweet? Or weird? What do you guys think?

Could it be true?

So, could this wacky and “out there” story actually be true? The Bachelor himself, Sean, took to (where else!?) Twitter, to deny these crazy rumors and set the record straight! Back on March 1, he tweeted:

“Now I’ve heard it all… Does that make me a daddy or an uncle?” with a link to the article. He followed it up by saying: “They always get the story wrong. I’m actually the surrogate. Get it right people!”

Sense of humor

It’s obvious to us that even in the face of rumors and controversy, Sean still has his sense of humor! It’s pretty obvious that Sean has gotten used to being in the spotlight, as well as being at the center of controversy! It’s a good thing, because once you’re “The Bachelor,” those rumors and talk never stop coming! Sean and Catherine better get prepared!

The facts?

While we know that family is of the utmost importance to Sean, and that his brother in law is his best friend, it might be pushing it just a little bit for him to be his sister’s sperm donor. Plus, Shay Shull and her hubby have two young kiddos already. We don’t know for sure if she wants to have more kiddos in the future, but she is pretty open about her life on her blog.

We think if things in her fertility journey were that serious and dire, that she needed her brother’s sperm, she would have mentioned it. Plus, are we the only ones that find the whole brother/sister/sperm donor/surrogate thing a little bit odd?

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