Tetracycline May Take a Toll on Male Fertility

Tetracycline May Take a Toll on Male Fertility

Pregnancy will occur only when the man and woman, both are healthy and fertile. Many people are under the misconception that only female fertility is important. There are numerous people who fail to understand that male fertility is just as important and if the male partner is not healthy, you will not be able to get pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Men should also take precautions

Thus, just like a woman, the man should also take precautions to make sure he is fertile. Conception will be impossible otherwise. Male fertility issues have actually become very common today and this is mostly because of carelessness and unawareness.

Not many people are aware that even the smallest of things can cause problems. For example, there are some medicines that you may pop without giving it a second thought, thinking that they are actually very safe. A few medicines are not really safe to be taken during pregnancy or even before if you are trying to get pregnant.

Study on tetracycline

For example, a recent study has revealed that the common antibiotic tetracycline may affect your male partner’s fertility! Tetracycline is a common antibiotic that is prescribed for acne caused because of bacteria. The study was actually carried out on spiders.

The study showed that taking this medicine can affect male fertility by reducing the viability of the sperm. This is certainly something that you can’t ignore!

Continued effects next generation

The study just kept giving worse results. Not only did the male spiders lose their fertility or see a decrease in fertility, the coming generations also suffered the consequences. Even they were less fertile than normal. If this study is to be believed, our future generation is at a lot of risk!

25% loss of fertility

Apparently the medication reduces sperm viability and affects the entire male reproductive function. The viability was reduced by a whopping twenty-five percent in the study and that is significant. Alongside, knowing that it will pass on to your future generation is downright scary.

The reason behind this is apparently that the antibiotic genetically alters the sperm production information. The study may have been conducted on spiders but you shouldn’t forget that tetracycline is very commonly used by humans and the risks are very significant. You can’t just ignore the findings.

Tetracycline and chlamydia

Now that you have read about the findings, you will be shocked to know that most doctors actually use tetracycline for OPPOSITE reasons! They use it so that women and men are protected from fertility! Apparently, the medication is prescribed against Chlamydia.

If you don’t treat Chlamydia, it will render you infertile for sure. Thus, there are two sides to this coin and in order to be sure that your male partner is safe, go to the doctor, and talk about it. Discuss all factors with him about your partner’s fertility to find out whether tetracycline is actually causing him harm.

What about Females?

During pregnancy, you should not take the medication. It is highly risky to take the medicine when you are pregnant because if your baby is exposed to it, she will suffer with bone development issues and tooth discoloration.

Even nursing mothers should not take the medication. If you are using tetracycline and are trying to get pregnant, it’d be ideal to check with your doctor for more information to be absolutely sure.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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