Terrell Owens Nabbed for Stalking California Woman

Terrell Owens Nabbed for Stalking California Woman

From The Top To The Bottom

Looks like things just keep getting rougher for embattled, financially strapped NFL Star Terrell Owens. Terrell was recently hit with a $430,000 tax bill, from back taxes he owes for 2005, 2007, and 2009. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Apparently he only has trouble paying his taxes in odd numbered years? The tax bill is so high, because during those years, Terrell was making big bucks. He was under contract with the NFL, making $49 Million a year playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Buffalo Bills. But, unfortunately, it seems like tax bills are not the only problem facing the ex NFL star.


Back in February, early on a Friday morning, (we’re talking real early, like 4:30 am), cops were called on Terrell Owens for allegedly stalking a woman. The LAPD were called to the woman’s residence in the wee hours of the morning, where they were told that a man had been knocking on her door for over three hours, and just wouldn’t stop.

That man, was none other than Terrell Owens. The woman told the LAPD that she was not afraid for her safety, just that she wanted him gone and he just would not leave. When the cops were the ones asking T.O. to leave, he happily obliged, and the “stalking” crisis was averted. We have to ask though, what IN the world is this guy thinking? So far, Terrell has not commented on the incident.

Lots of Time

It seems to us that Terrell Owens just has too much time on his hands. He hasn’t played for an NFL team since the 2012 preseason, when he caught two passes for the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks signed him on August 6th and released him on August 26th.

Now, we know that T.O. has been in a lot of hot water before, and it is true that trouble does seem to follow him where ever he goes, but maybe he should really think about toning it down now. Things are starting to get serious for him, with the cops being called and his mounting financial problems. Back in 2012, Owens stated that he was “friendless and nearly broke”, in an interview with GQ.

He also has stated that he is “living in hell”. Three of his four baby’s mothers have sued him, and he once stated that he is paying more than $45,000 per month in child support. Hopefully, we will see him get his head on straight sooner rather than later.

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