Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans’ Miscarriage

Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans' Miscarriage

Train Wreck

Well, the nicest way that we can think of to describe Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans’ adventures in life: A train wreck. It seems like from the first moment we met this girl, she has been nothing but drama, and trouble just seems to follow her everywhere she goes. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

This girl is like a walking billboard for why teens should NOT get pregnant. After going back and forth between rehab facilities and boyfriends, while her three year old Jace is with her mother, the world’s jaw was agape when Jenelle announced she was expecting baby #2 with her then husband (of somewhere around 50 days) Courtland Rogers back in January.

Tragedy All The Way Around

Just weeks after announcing that she was pregnant with Courtland’s baby (and simultaneously threatening to divorce him), Jenelle lost her baby in a tragic miscarriage. Details surrounding the miscarriage and Jenelle’s physical condition were and continue to be fuzzy, since most of what we hear from her comes from tweets, which contradict each other over and over again.

She tweeted about being at the hospital, and that her husband Courtland was out of town, much to her dismay. She later tweeted that ex-boyfriend Gary Head was with her at the hospital and taking care of her. She then tweeted that she “might be having a miscarriage,” but this was AFTER she had already been released from the hospital.

Also, she was spotted later in the day after her miscarriage occurred, shopping and going out partying with friends. What in the world? Not typical behavior for a woman who just suffered a miscarriage, what do you think?


Again, not too many details are made public with Jenelle, and this case was no different. What we do know is that on January 23, Jenelle filed charges against Courtland for assaulting not only her but also her unborn baby. Was this assault what caused the miscarriage?

And just a few days ago, Courtland appeared in court to plead guilty to the charges, which are the highest class of misdemeanor that you can get. Courtland could possibly face a maximum of 150 days in jail for each of the six charges (four against her and two against her unborn baby). As we previously stated, it was just a few days after Jenelle first accused Courtland of assaulting her that she lost the baby.

The Future

We can only hope that Jenelle continues to learn from her mistakes and continues to grow and heal. This girl has a tendency to find herself in a lot of hot water, so hopefully she will find some stability soon.

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