When Will I Get My Period Back After Stopping the Pill?

When Will I Get My Period Back After Stopping the Pill?

Ready To Stop The Pill?

When a woman who has been taking birth control pills decides that she is ready to get pregnant, one of the very first things she has to do is go off the pill. Stopping the birth control pill is important because it is the first step to getting a woman’s periods back on track. You have to stop taking the pill so you can resume your ovulation. You can’t get pregnant if you don’t ovulate, so stopping the pill is the first step. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When Will You Get Your Period?

I wish that there were a simple answer for this one. Everyone wants to know how long after going off the pill they will resume their regular periods and begin ovulating normally again. However, every woman is different, and there is no distinct rule for how long it will take.

Usually, the hormones in the birth control pill are out of your system pretty quickly. That is why women who miss a pill or two have the chance of getting pregnant. If you were on the pill for a long time, that does not necessarily mean that it will take longer for your periods to resume.

What Happens When You Stop The Pill?

Once you decide to stop taking the pill, the hormones from the pills will be out of your system within a few days. After those hormones are out of your system, your body will slowly begin to produce these hormones again on its own. Every woman’s body is different, and some women will begin to ovulate on their own within a few weeks, but some women may take several months.

In most normal cases, a woman should be back to normal menstruation within six months of going off of birth control pills. Now, if you’re using a more long term birth control method like Depo-Provera or Nexplanon, then you may be looking at upwards of 12-18 months for regular ovulation to return.

When Should You Worry?

If six months have passed since you went off of the pill and you are still not experiencing normal periods and ovulation, it is probably time to see your doctor. Of course, if you have had sex since going off the pill, it is also important to take a pregnancy test.

Some women go off the pill, and get pregnant right away. These women never have a period after going off the pill, so if you think that could happen to you, make sure to take a test. However, if you are not pregnant, it is advisable to see a doctor and that way you can get back on the right track with your periods and ovulation.

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